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The Ghetto Posted on 12-02-2004
Kool 2k6

Where did you grow up? Suburbs, ghetto, or a rural area (otherwise known as the "kuntry")? I grew in Huntsville Alabama, but Athens Alabama & Louisville KY are my other 2 places i'll always have a place to lay my head. H-ville has about 200,000 folks in the city and about 400,000 in the county. I spent a lotta time out in Limestone County (country) with my auntie. Louisville has about a million in the metro area. I got a mixture of places where I grew up, but I'm a country boy at heart. Where did you grow up?
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PhatAggie85 from Fort Washington, MD replied on 12-02-2004 07:04PM [Reply]

i grew up in tha suburbs...PG COUNTY MARYLAND
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replied on 12-02-2004 07:08PM [Reply]
not gonna front...I've always lived in the suburbs Houston, Texas (even though where I lived is the ghetto NOW) Harlingen, Texas (but we lived next to a cattle ranch :? ) Beeville, Texas (barely remember this place) Lafayette, Lousiana (I was maybe 1 of 5 black ppl in the entire school...and yes they practiced corporal punishment..."the paddle" ) and where I live now... Stone Mountain, Georgia- live in a suburb full of old white ppl in 2006 it will be Washington DC...HOWARD :lol:
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replied on 12-02-2004 07:12PM [Reply]
I feel you on that Houston thing. The neighborhood I live in was built in the late 70s. We moved here in 1986. When we moved here, nothing but old white fokes. Now...str8 ghetto. Glass all in the road, police pass through everyday. Damn I can't wait until I get my condo.
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 12-02-2004 07:15PM [Reply]

I gew up in SC(many different houses) so I've lived in all 3 but where I've been for the last 4 years: I wouldnt call it the ghetto because I never lived in the projects, I wouldnt call it a rural area because its not the kuntry, and I wouldnt call it a suburb because its just not a suburb. Shoot I dont know what to call it.
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Focused247 from San Dimas, CA replied on 12-02-2004 10:44PM [Reply]
San Dimas, CA suburbs...full of white folks
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MidWestGentleman from Detroit, MI replied on 12-02-2004 10:53PM [Reply]

well when i was a lil tyke i grew up in the burbs (Inkster,MI) then moved to that wonderful 7 mile in tha city
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 12-02-2004 11:15PM [Reply]
lets see...born an raised in Long Island, New York....New Hyde Park, Long Island......suburbs....but the black suburbs....all them wanna be ****-like folks ova hurr....but then i was also raised in Bedstuy Do or Die Brooklyn...practically lived there on the weekends.... Even though im a Northernor, My heart is MidWestern....all my family from Detroit Michigan....and they all migrated from Mississippi....and all them southern states down there....i have a pretty big influence of southern/midwestern culture in my house...
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 12-02-2004 11:46PM [Reply]

Born and raised in the ghetto or "inner city"; whatever you wanna call it. Made me the person I am today. I've learn to appreciate what I have and wish to have. People always say to me, you ain't from the ghetto but I'm not really a product of my environment. My mom raised a good girl. If you once lived in an all Black neighborhood and it now has a slew of Mexicans, you in The Ghetto.
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Enigma2k8 replied on 12-02-2004 11:52PM [Reply]
I grew up in the west la/hollywood area...it was diverse so I'm gonna call it "metropolitan" :wink: ....after I moved from there, I lived in areas that weren't "ghetto" or "suburban" (according to my definitions) :? I guess you could just say I've had a share of both worlds or somethin....... :arrow:
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