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300 Hurdle Techniques Posted on 12-06-2004

Dover, DE
Ayo wutz good I run the 300 hurdles at a 42.22 and i'm ranked 8th in DE in my division. I would really like to improve my time cause the fastest time in DE is a 38.3, but i would like to get atleast under 40. Does any1 have any tips or techniques to help lower times. 'Preciate it! Stef FAMU Prospect
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replied on 12-06-2004 11:29PM [Reply]
OMG i think i found my soulmate!!! another 300 hurdler!!! ....umm i lowered my time by running a lot of 500m and 600m also running a lot of hills...the hills teach you to lift your knees coming off the curve...hey it works!
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prettypoet8804 replied on 12-08-2004 12:04AM [Reply]
arms, arms, arms i know this is basic for any sprinter but my coach told us that when your legs give up, it's your arms that will help you finish the race good start i know, more basic stuff but sometimes a good start can literally shave off seconds. i know i gave beginner track stuff and you've probably been running for awhile, but sometimes it's good to remember the building blocks i'm a 100 hurdler myself... 8)
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replied on 12-08-2004 12:28AM [Reply]
:cry: Hurlders united isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!...but yea your arms carry you through the race...if ya arms ain't tired...ya ass can still push it out until the end!
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