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the world Posted on 12-07-2004

Detroit, MI
im jus mad right now and need to let it all flow out.i dont care if anyone likes it or not.im jus gonna type whatever comes to mind this world is so cruel u think u have firends but find out that they only want to duel people try to bring u down and make u frown they hate on u cuz theyre jealous of what u have they take out their frustrations and other people and try to bring them down on their level its a shame that we have to go through this these people that are not satisfied with their own lives so they must do silly or eveil things to try to prpoel themselves forward trying to make temselves look Lord help me now because i am truly being tested you are the only thing thats keeping me from acting out and teaching these chumps a lesson and beatin their a$$ i know if i keep faith in u i can get through anything and everything
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Princess LaRonda replied on 01-02-2005 12:55PM [Reply]
I can see where you're coming from.... this is one of those pieces where you get pissed off about things or PEOPLE that bother you...and you just go with anything that comes to mind right? have faith...and all will be well if not already
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