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2 those with a hard life Posted on 12-13-2004

where the sun once was now lies darkness and clouds cloudz of pain and dark shame where voices once were now none at all voices gone unheard lowered heads in the shadows ashamed n hidden from all afraid noone is there noone there to catch them of they fall so confused n scared 2 stand tall as if it isnt enuff in this world they feel small they hide emotion n fear behind the clenched teeth of a tight smile and those near for those who will go the extra mile pick themselves up and like a cd player with the batteries **** put in new onez for the old ones they shed and finally with an answer finally with a clue pick up there lowered head stand strong and for themselves learn mistakes are like tose of a typo in which u can correct in which u r careful there iz no deffect its all one of gods many games and when u learn u r not the only 1 he chose 2 give a hard life 2 so let yer heart lead u through let it tell u tha true bc there iz a choice n where there iz a choice there iz consequence u decide dont stay down just get up and stare tha world n tha face through a new perspective and 4 u make life worthwhile n effective
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replied on 12-14-2004 08:48PM [Reply]
U wrote that yourself?
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replied on 12-16-2004 08:00AM [Reply]
Jiggy G I did writeit myself. Is that good or bad??? I ask bc I been catching a lot of heat lately about things. If its a compliment thank you
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replied on 12-18-2004 01:57PM [Reply]
shy*ebony*queen wrote:
Jiggy G I did writeit myself. Is that good or bad??? I ask bc I been catching a lot of heat lately about things. If its a compliment thank you
Its very good actually, i loved it. it very vivid. But it also tells me that u have been depressed lately.
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replied on 12-20-2004 09:51AM [Reply]
wow thank you for that compliment um actually I like detail bc you or anyone who reads can either feel it lyrically speaking, or they can see what I see. I am not depressed. Actually I am kinda lonely and bored and I take my pain and the pain of others and write it down. I am able to um look at others and see them inside for who they are, then I put it on paper. I am actually a senior at Carolina High School and Academy and people here are childish and so I kinda want to chill with the big dogs lol. I dont know how I come off to everyone but maybe if I began to post more, more people can look inside of me. Thank you again for your post.
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heman7 from Tampa, FL replied on 01-03-2005 10:35AM [Reply]

Use it!!!! Sincerely
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