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Relationships. Post your questions, comments, expertise etc. Posted on 12-22-2004

Tampa, FL
I have 1. Why do sistahs as for a strong brotha or a good man, but can't handle one when they are blessed? Most sistahs want a **** and then complain about the ****. You ask for someone to take care of you, but you dont bring what you ask for. You ask for a rich man, but you are broke. Many ask for respect but dont present the package to be respected. In my time I have seen many get used up for the bling bling and then when they want the real thing are used up with 6 kids, mad at the world of men, dont accept their own mistakes of what they did not do for themselves and end up bitter. I ask for your views. Respectfully. It would be nice to hear from fresh minds that have not been so tainted by life that blindness has occured. "God" Bless!!! Sincerely William
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1life from CHICAGO, IL replied on 02-12-2007 07:14PM [Reply]

I know why..a lot of these females in this day of age watch to much damn tv...they dont know what they want..they want what ever trend is hot at the moment..and since 50 and destiny child solider song all of these females want that **** tye dude..they want what they friend have.. and they also want what they dont need..
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Home > Forums > Interest Groups > HBCU Specific Topics & Concerns > FAMU
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