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Sometimes you get... Posted on 12-26-2004
Texas City, TX
You know what... Sometimes I take my time, give my mind a breather Decide not to give you space, draw the line or either Seeker and finder, give sight to the blind or make em blinder Be a hypocrite, clip a cripple then treat him kinder Switch diction for slang, let em hang and be ghetto Listen to Jay Z, chuck the LP, and sip Amaretto Gimme a woman, good. Then strip her to stillettos Make love, switch it up and string her up like Gephetto. Sure, you guess me, undress me, repress; its distressin' Ive invested my essence in my words and my blessin' So sometimes you get sarcastic silly sassy and nasty And when Im straight with you, you hate me too (till im ****) Slap me and call me Susan, for a bruisin? Im cruisin Copasetic? Yeah, gimme anasthetic or ill lose it Cuz sometimes you take love to make it or spread it Wherever youre headed just give these words credit. Its Just a rhyme for the century of inquiries, Insuring that minds of this time are just fine for, well, anything. (Free write)
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Princess LaRonda replied on 12-27-2004 12:21PM [Reply]
that was smooooooooooth I really enjoyed the flow of it...I enjoyed the way this made me feel....the way the words bounced around in my head...and came to life with a voice in my head... this was definitely a NICE free write!!
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