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The Diary Posted on 12-27-2004
Dr.BrandedBison, CP

The Diary of a black man, but a man ain't sposed to write, See his emotions will melt and form the ink touching pad, too much power to hold in one book, one page, one paragraph, one sentence, one word, one..... The number of the black man, just one, lonely, by myself, cuz my girl tellin me how no good I am, how she coulda got a better man, how I gotta provide for the fam, talking to me like I'm less than a man. Less than a man, thats no new concept, a few years back, I was but a boy. And in that white man's eyes I still am, and I can't pull myself up no dessert for the black man, cuz that **** jacked the **** Jacks and money stacks, left me in debt, but thats just all blacks.... But I ain't just another black, Imma start a revolution of my mind, body and soul, attain one goal, shoot for the moon and land on a star.... I'm a star no ****, or ****, or boy, can't dance me aroud like no puppet, play with me like a toy, I'm a man with emotions, emotions tumbling out this pen, cuz this isn't the life of one forsaken soul, its the Diary of Black Men.
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 12-27-2004 11:26PM [Reply]
BrandedBison08 wrote:
See his emotions will melt and form the ink touching pad,
VERY powerful mental imagery
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replied on 12-28-2004 10:10PM [Reply]
Thank you very much
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