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why you? Posted on 12-27-2004

Your hands are clenched, your eyes are closed, your skin so soft, but oh so cold. As i come closer, i say my goodbyes, i still can not believe, in a casket you lie. memories run through my head, of all the fun we had, of all the things we did, but memories that now are sad. But some memories i have are of us as children i wish i would have taken time out to ask you, do you remember when? do you remember when our families, had so much fun, remember all the tricks we played on each other, we would yell out the game has just begun! your smile, your laughter i wish i can still see i feel a little selfish that i want you back here with me. God was being greedy by taking you from us, or maybe he just wanted a new friend, that will make him laugh like you did to us. High school came around, not one word spoken, not from me to you or you to me, I'm left here wit a heart broken. i would give anything just to say, how much you really meant to me, how much i really cared, and that i want you just to see. Your mother crying in my arms, because another child she has lost, look over her with your brother she has suffered a great loss. Mari, baby girl, i miss you i miss having my friend, i miss not seeing you. I will see you again when its my end. i wish i can turn back turn back the hands of time, and steal more memories to store in my mind. Why was i so stuck, stuck on other things? why did not take time out to say hi, you left just like the wind. with no good-bye, and nothing to say, I just hope that you can hear me, when i apologize for this, for not saying i love you, our friendship was truly a gift. By:Tasia.. dedicated to my bestfriend Hope(R.I.P)...
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replied on 12-28-2004 01:48PM [Reply]
damn this poem describes the emotions i felt when my grams died :cry:
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 12-28-2004 10:35PM [Reply]

awww...that made me wanna cry :cry: :cry:
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