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Betrayal Freestyle Posted on 01-02-2005
Young Educated Brotha

i have betrayed/in this world of disoray/people say they love you to turn around and say they despise you/when you talk by your enemy eyes you/i''ve been let down only to be put down/that''s why i''m forced to put it down/i can''t let my haters touch me/i''m not going to let betrayal hush me/i have seen good friends turn to perfect enemies/is it you hate me or you digging me/two faced liars do anything to trapple your rise/just because they don''t wanna see you high/i can''t make up my mind/in this world of twisted lies/i turn my back just to get stabbed/shoot a right hook just to get jabbed/if you hating me then i don''t care/cause in the game of betrayal all is fair/i know you hate me i see it in your eyes/the gleam of your jealousy also of despise/trying to push me into oblique darkness/a journey of hunger and starkness/just to let someone betray me and let me down/jesus helped me i was lost he made me found/point in case betrayal is a ***/your closet confidate could be your snitch/ Ya boy KL 1
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