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Relating Posted on 01-04-2005
Texas City, TX
What? WHAT?? Drop me to see if I break, take your time on this mistake/ If this aint the most...I hate this show// Im not fakin' sh*t, this relationship doesnt relate/ I wish youd take a pill and leave me alone// Too much for too little, give me a fiddle for rivers/ To cross the tears and the shivers, livers and onions// Id rub your bunions, and this one delivers/ For slivers of love, Im the bigger hero, unsung// Bleed for plasma, as your miasma of thoughts meet emotions/ I listen, hope and give you explanations, for naught// I thought wrong, thinking you were wont to see oceans/ Of happiness, instead distress is what you bought// We fight to live, to fight, to give, to live through Look through the rearview Blurred eyes, seeing the clear view Considered, my Love is near you Objects closer than they appeared to Be, you and your fears soon Will swallow my last breath So, Ill pray for a fast death How long will this...last...yet...
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replied on 01-04-2005 11:30PM [Reply]
Boy if you knew how much I could relate... ::snapz:: lovin it 8)
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