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I NEED HELP!!!!!! (HowU PEEPS LOOK) Posted on 04-27-2003
In Rod We Trust

I have a really big dilemma (for lack of a better word). Ok, I can't choose whether I should go to VCU (a state college in VA, not an HBCU) or go to Howard. No before you tell me I'm crazy for trying to choose between Howard and somewhere else, hear me out. Now, VCU has offered me money that would cover most of the cost next year, I also would have a leg up because I'm going to some program during the summer that would expose me to VCU professors, and I was guaranteed an internship. However, VCU may not have an accredited journalism communications program like Howard has. Howard has a legacy of ďproducingĒ many prominent black figures and leaders. Howard also has many opportunities being located DC and an accredited journalism and communications program. But with Howard, things sometimes get trifling. I donít know how much money they are offering me, but I donít think itís going to be much and I know for a fact, after just being there for two weeks, that their administration and housing can also get trifling sometimes. But I just donít know, I think my heart is at Howard but the money and my patience is like hindering me from attending and VCU is cool, offering money and being in a good area, but I donít know if my heart is there. And I know Iím not trying to pay off loans for going to Howard for the rest of my life, so somebody help me and let me know something, Ďcuz Iím going crazy trying to decide peace.
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replied on 04-27-2003 05:36PM [Reply]
I know exactly where you are at. The only thing I can ask you is: which matters most to you: The prestige of Howard on your degree, along with the money you will owe back for the schooling; or VCU where most costs will be covered, internships at your hands and whatever else may come across at the summer program. Not everyone has "bad" experiences at PWIs or good experiences at HBCUs. Besides every school has its ups and downs. You just have to figure out which ones you would rather deal with. Thats from my perspective. One love
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replied on 04-27-2003 11:47PM [Reply]
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