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Disappointing Albums? Posted on 01-09-2005

I know I'm not the only one it's happened to...You waited for a certain artist to release a hyped up album and it's terrible. So, What Albums were disappointing to you? I'll start with the most recent albums I was disappointed with and I'll add more later. Fabolous - Real Talk (I just want to hear a full album of Fabolous Sport instead of Ghetto Fabolous) Eminem - Encore Talib - The Beautiful Struggle (After all the hype and re-doing his album he still failed to get back to "Reflection Eternal" status)
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Jamaican Shawty replied on 06-27-2007 01:38AM [Reply]
Ja Rule- his most recent one a friend bought it for me what a waste ashanti-concrete rose err ummm although he my huband mario's turning point cd thats all i can think of right now ill be back wit more
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CN1CE from Brooklyn, NY replied on 07-02-2007 07:53PM [Reply]

There are so many posts I want to comment on but I can't quote them all. Normally, I'd make a 100 foot post but Imma keep it short. The transition from College Dropout to Late Registration was a rough one. With C.D. Kanye tried to come out as different and fun. That's what made it such a classic. Late Registration just took some of the fun and inserted more maturity. That threw you off a bit. I love both albums for different reasons but I hope that The Graduation brings some of that fun back. So far "Stronger" and "Can't tell me nothing" aren't showing any signs though unfortunately. As for Jay-Z, we all knew he wasn't going to retire. Jay has a deep love for rapping and an equal love for making money. Both of which would flourish if he came out with more albums. So there shouldn't have been so much hype around The Black Album. That said, I loved it. I loved Chicken And Beer. I bought the 4 times because people kept stealing my cd. I honestly can't see sensitive girls liking his albums very much due to how he treats women. The way i see it is if you can party too little jon you can enjoy Luda's vision. Release Therapy should have gave a little bit of therapy for the women out there as it showcased Luda maturing as an artist. Im with you as far as Lloyd Banks is concerned. Rotten Apple was terrible. It was just another case of a guy talking about things he doesnt actually do. If I could, I would go down to G-Unit Records and tell him you dont have to create a persona to sell. Ask Kanye. No comment on those Nas Album's. Snoop's been on the downhill since "The Last Meal". "Drop It Like Its Hot" basically saved his career. He has to stop all this crip stuff too. He may be reppin where he is from but he's sending young black youth the wrong message. With 16 years in the game and a Child Molesting case behind him, R.Kelly is a legend. Leave him be. Anything before The Carter for Lil Wayne has to be disregarded. Lil Wayne is on fire. Let Little Wayne Die.
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mathematicia replied on 07-15-2007 11:31AM [Reply]
As far as Beyonce goes, making an album in 10 days kinda makes you wonder right...Miss Bey may be saying "i can throw anything together in 10 days and you idiots will still buy it" (although I think it was the video album or something like that that was a grueling 10 day effort):o
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mathematicia replied on 07-15-2007 11:33AM [Reply]
I disagree, i cant speak much for 500 degreez, but Tha block is hot was awesome!
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