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DAMN... :x
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Kinkee replied on 01-11-2005 02:08PM [Reply]
jstblz99-2h2h wrote:
AggieWarrior wrote:
AggieWarrior wrote:
i still get solo rights to the Fellas forum, right?
yes dham..............................
He such a baby. :lol:
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Afro-American replied on 01-11-2005 03:59PM [Reply]
*PURE*Kindnezz wrote:
naw mayne. Ya'll don't even have to throw me in the mix. I'm straight. Plus, my aol has been on trip mode lately anyway, so i haven't been able to log in too much lately. Please people, less hateration in this moderation . Kay :? ...a lil corny...and moving :arrow:
lol im laughing at this post though...im sorry if i was too busy to run the forum though, does anyone need a hug??......i personally was taking care of personal things ya know....oh yeah kenya i would like to see ya or at least im ya lol, youve missed so freaking much!
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Blutifully Human replied on 01-11-2005 10:25PM [Reply]
I know mayne. A lot of peeps said i've been a lil ghost (on and off campus), but umm...i'm like Cee-lo "I'll be around". Plus, i let my suitemates borrow my laptop off and on, and u know how peeps are nowadayz. But i'll holla tho
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In Rod We Trust replied on 01-18-2005 02:30PM [Reply]
Well damn power struggle....geez yall be snappin in this boi... Mila if u want to come over to the Book Forum your more then welcome...I dont even kno who the other mod is with me in that room... :? Yall be trippin....breathe easy...gettin ya panties in a bunch
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