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ALL YOU NEED IS A HANDFULL! Posted on 01-11-2005

Your hands, despite their roughness, do caress my body with a gentleness unknown: each touch delivered to my aching **** sends vibes calm and electric thru my bone. Hands capable of soothing and exciting, that love my hair, and love my temples more, hands coaxing, pleading, jesting, hands delighting in journeys leading to Ecstacy's door. Now, when you work, your hands may be agressive in exercising strength, or tedious task, but when at work with ME, they are possesive, tho' ne'er taking that for which they don't ask. So satisfying are your palms and tips for them I'd pledge to ne'er 'gain taste your lips.
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Wisdom_Tree from Texas City, TX replied on 01-11-2005 06:03PM [Reply]
Yessir. Goodness gracious.
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AfroPoeticSista replied on 01-26-2005 10:15AM [Reply]
lol everyone is saying 'yessir' now
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replied on 02-15-2005 12:49PM [Reply]
Girl!!!!!!!!!!! I know how u feel!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-21-2005 09:34AM [Reply]
*sings hallelujah chorus* *sings Touch me tease me*
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replied on 02-27-2005 07:02PM [Reply]
MMMMM. that put a shiver up a brothers' spine. good stuff. very good stuff
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