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Just me and my Boyfriend *cheeses* Posted on 01-12-2005
In Rod We Trust

nice pictures shawty...... 8)
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 01-13-2005 01:02PM [Reply]

great pics Tippy
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In Rod We Trust replied on 01-14-2005 12:33AM [Reply]
cafe-aulait wrote:
Ms.SoDamnAmazing wrote:
Yeah I kno Shameya and ka me me lol...Kameelah is my GIRL..we had classes together since...freshie year...I saw her in Lincoln mall before Christmas..I asked if she knew u and she was like yeah... Small **** world aint it... :?
Yep yep... Thas ma G! You know ma best friends Marlena and Anaia?? They both go down there (meanin SIUC). Anaia is in Fatal Fusion.
The names sound like i heard em before...My girl Ashley dances for Fatal Fusion too...its like 50 plus of them cats.. so lol yeah I'll ask her when we get back to school
jstblz99-2h2h wrote:
1 word........................... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww did y'all see that baby?
Thanks..thats ****...and did you really have to make me have to scroll to the left for 5 minutes for that long **** AWWW?
AggieWarrior wrote:
great pics Tippy
Thankz De-wayne
Da_Rodfather wrote:
*looks at Momz* I see where u got ya beauty from
Thankz lol I'll tell her u said that. Thankz to everyone who made a comment ...'preciate' it
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replied on 01-14-2005 12:58AM [Reply]
WOAH!!! Tiph smiled twice!!! *Grabs Bible* the end is near...just kiddin' with cha...**** is TOO cute!!! and tell ya homie i said "holla"!
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 01-15-2005 05:31PM [Reply]
good pics tiph!!
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-07-2005 09:14PM [Reply]
This is us at da club....my new crew..aka LS (lady squad) I just wanted to show a pic of all of us at the club or whatever...as you know...I'm the one in the white button up....yeahhhhh
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Kinkee replied on 02-07-2005 09:18PM [Reply]
Damn yall nuccas roll deep. :lol:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-07-2005 09:22PM [Reply]
That we are....9 of us in total
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replied on 02-07-2005 10:43PM [Reply]
Ok...Q-tip with da fine **** friends...u know you gotta tell one of dem to like call me right? :lol:
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The Big Girl Sweetz replied on 02-07-2005 11:05PM [Reply]
so is the hungry latino in any of them pics? :wink:
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JsGyrl1110 replied on 02-07-2005 11:11PM [Reply]
Great pics...I feel tha love between you and your lady crew makes me think of my friends *sniff* anywayz great pics
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