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ask the guys....ANYTHING! Posted on 01-19-2005

go ahead ladies.... ask away
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:35PM [Reply]
cafe-aulait wrote:
Why is it alright for a man to consistently cheat on his girl, but if he finds out that she even kisses another dude, she is automatically considered a hoe or some ish and cast away?? It's not for a man to do that and any man who does that doesn't deserve you so drop his ass... Why do some men expect so much from a woman, when they can't do Sh*t for them?
Because some men aren't about sh*t and are still stuck in the old-school train of thought..."women should be a man's servant"..etc, yeah, that kinda bs...
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:38PM [Reply]
If you ( guys) like a girl, why can't you just come out and tell her? Because most men are either shy or are afraid o rejection. Why when i guy knows or thinks a girl likes him he starts acting funny, like he's scared to talk to her all of a sudden? Because either the guy isn't interested and doesn't know how to tell her or because he's lame. Also, men like to tease and flirt just as much as some women do, hey, maybe they are on that childish sh*t...theres many possible answers to this question Do most guys just come out and tell girls that they like that they like them? Well I am a very shy person so I probably wouldn't unless I really like them or am in a very convenient situation where I absolutely know I won't be rejected. But for the most part, I usually wait for women to come to me.
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:42PM [Reply]
Maybe this is just in the AUC, but why is it that every time a guy tries to holla at a girl and the girl isn't interested, the guy gotta call the girl a hoe or a B*tch. Because most of the time when guys approach a woman they are almost sure that the woman is going to be feeling them and just fall over them and when that doesn't happen they are taken off guard and just say the first stupid and/or disrespectful thing that comes to their mind. would you date a girl that's taller than you? Yeah, size has never been a problem for me. If a 375 pound girl hit you and kept trying to fight you, would you hit her back. A 375 pound girl is kinda equivalent to a man, don't ya think? A girl that size could really hurt a guy. It would be kind of hard for me because I was raised in a household that taught to never hit a woman under any circumstances, but I don't care what the size, if a woman (a) hits, knees, or even touches my d*ck, or nuts in a disrespectful manner she will get knocked the f*ck out, and if (b) the woman is sitting there whooping my ass or I know that she can handle her sh*t when fighting then she will get knocked the f*ck out...that is all
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:46PM [Reply]
Sweet_Girl wrote:
why is it that some guys say they want a good women but than when they get one they can't keep her? why is it that guys are sometimes scared to talk to a well grounded goal oriented woman? if this question has already been stated sorry if it hasn't please answer it.
1.The same reason that women complain about there being a shortage of good black men but be the main ones to choose the thugs/drug dealers who treat them like sh*t over the nice, respectable young black men who would treat them like queens. 2.See #1
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:48PM [Reply]
atlprincess wrote:
Should you believe when a guy tells you he loves you and cares about you more than he has ever cared about another girl???
Depends on the guy...
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:49PM [Reply]
xavierette wrote:
Do the men of this bored suck toes ???
I'll give it to you just how you like it girl....
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:51PM [Reply]
cafe-aulait wrote:
^^^OOOooo I love that!! Neways, when can you tell that your relationship with a woman will never last?? AND What's the best thing about breasteses?
1. There's really no specific way, as a guy I usually just have a feeling what relationships will work and which wont... 2. Sucking, licking and caressing them of course...
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:55PM [Reply]
JerzeyQueen wrote:
how would you let a girl know your feelin her without possibly being rejected?
Theres no way you can know that...I mean you just gotta be brave enough to approach her and be prepared for anything, because theres no sure-proof way of knowing whether a girl will say yes or not, well...I take that back, there are almost sure ways of knowing...But yeah, like the person said, anything is possible.
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replied on 02-06-2005 06:57PM [Reply]
Miss_404 wrote:
Why is every guy I date obessed with my breasts?
Well, they obviously must be beautiful things, soooo....
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replied on 02-06-2005 07:00PM [Reply]
atlprincess wrote:
Would a guy pass up a girl if she were small chested....like me???? :? Why is being a virgin such a turn off to guys??? You would think they would respect the fact that my virginity is something that important to me.....
1.Well, from your picture then you obviously make up for being "small chested" with a very cute face and a very nice figure...You're a beautiful woman so I'm sure you not having the biggest breasts in the world would be something I could easily get over. 2.The guys who find you being a virgin a "turn-off" obviously were looking for only one thing from the get-go so you are better off without them anyway.
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