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Get at me if necessary... Posted on 02-09-2005

Yo, I know I'm not always on here to be checking on things, but I do appreciate all of your help on the boards... I just wanted everyone to know that if you need to talk to me best thing to do is call and ask for Will: 1.877.864.4446 (9 to 5 EST)... Or you can just PM me. Right now I'm really heavy into coding up the member sections of the site so that cats can have their own photo albums, "Blogs", Friend Lists, and all kinds of crap like that... So if you have any ideas hit me up. One day when I don't have to worry so much about making sure we can pay the bills, I'll be more active on the message boards but until then, please keep holding it down, and remember that the most important thing from my perspective when moderating, is making sure we don't have any idiots posting obscenities and whatnot because then the site is not taken seriously by those that I meet with to seek sponsorship etc. Holla Will
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Blutifully Human replied on 02-15-2005 01:07AM [Reply]
tsk tsk Rod...tsk tsk.
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-15-2005 11:50AM [Reply]
lol, I'm mad he singled out that serena pic LMAO................ kenya, if you use mozilla firefox, instead if internet explorer, even if u DO slide over the ads................... it blocks the pop up HEHEHEHEHEHE
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Blutifully Human replied on 02-15-2005 12:31PM [Reply]
ThaGr81 wrote:
lol, I'm mad he singled out that serena pic LMAO................
No, i believe it was the middle fingers so beautifully displayed in the avie :lol:
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-17-2005 11:13AM [Reply]
admin wrote:
Da_Rodfather wrote:
Can we get a new smiley package?
I'll find out where to download them and update them... Got any suggestions on a set I can download? Man ya'll are killin me with them avatars... Mad at the world? dont forget we got high school kids in here and old heads too... But I can't front on that Serena Williams pic hehe. I need to run a banner ad on that haha. Holla
Aye man if you need some smileys let me know I have some I can send you Check these out......... http://www.aggieblvd.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=posting&mode=smilies&sid=530a912321211cb89bc0d4fdfc477997 if you like them I can send you them in a .zip file or something and I'm gonna have to get at you about how you set up the ads because the three websites I have AggieBlvd.com, AggieSweets.com and my project that I was Working on Last Summer, HBCUCuties.net(which I had to put on hold due to lack of funding), so if you could just let me know how to go about setting up with them.....but yea if you need the smileys.......let me know I'll email them to ya
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replied on 03-10-2005 08:56AM [Reply]
yea, if you could email them to me that would be helpful... Thanks
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La replied on 04-20-2005 01:33PM [Reply]
Will, I wanna know why nobody has gotten back to me about the t shirt...A lady wrote me back sayin I could either buy one or put up fliers promotin the site and whatnot and get one for free. I clearly took the free option but she aint responded back and that was a good minute ago.
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Afro-American replied on 04-20-2005 01:52PM [Reply]
*sneaking in* so that means i can keep the first black woman with a fro on playboy's cover right??...i mean that's HISTORICAL black history 8)
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replied on 12-29-2006 05:09PM [Reply]
Can anybody see this, or is everybody out on Christmas vacation... Ponks! Where are my die hard peeps at? Are we gonna have to bring in a new generation up in here?
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NeoSoulBrotha replied on 01-15-2007 12:16PM [Reply]
Still holding it down...
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