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Class of 04 What Colleges Yall Appying 2? Posted on 05-01-2003

I am applying to : Morehouse, Hampton, Howard, FAMU, Xavier, Tuskegee, Stanford, and a few others.
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replied on 05-20-2003 05:23PM [Reply]
I'm glad to see that the c/o 04 is on top of they game. Mad props go to those who are prioritizing early, you'll be surprised how quick things start to come into play so take care of that early! For those who are applying to Howard...good choice.lol If there is any advice I can give, apply to as many schools as you can. You can't narrow down your options without options so make sure that you have a plan A, B, C, and D and maybe something to fall back on after that. You'd be surprised how things can fall through at the last minute. If funding your education is a top priority, in which it is with most, research the school to make sure that you at least fit the University requirements for scholarships before you apply. And if you are going for scholarships, IT IS BEST TO APPLY EARLY (check the schools accredidation as well...u dont want to go to a school that could endanger your future). You should just research the school period....dont go by hearsay. Well good luck class of 04', i wish you must success in the future. God bless. Howard c/o 2007!!! Bryan Station H.S. c/o 2003 SENIORS!!!!
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oresha2004 from Marietta, GA replied on 05-21-2003 05:32PM [Reply]
i'm applyin to famu, alabama state, jackson state, spelman, and fort valley
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Morehouse08 replied on 05-23-2003 06:55PM [Reply]
I plan to be a Man of Morehouse and apply early. I am also applying to Howard, Tuskegee, and NC A&T.
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jqw8604 replied on 05-23-2003 10:34PM [Reply]
Well I will be applying for Hampton, Indiana Bloomington, Purdue, and Morehouse. But I will be attending Morehouse. C/O 04. MOREHOUSE MAN C/08
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Morehouse08 replied on 05-24-2003 06:44PM [Reply]
That's right jqw8604, reppin the future Morehouse Men Class of 2008!
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BisonMami replied on 05-28-2003 03:21PM [Reply]
I'm applying to Xavier, Howard, Emory, Duke, and UNC Chapel Hill
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replied on 05-31-2003 12:30PM [Reply]
I'm not for sure about which colleges I am applying for I'm gonna need a lot of help on making that decesion plus I really plan to apply for college after i take the act one more time and make at least a 23 or something.
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lostsquishy replied on 05-31-2003 02:11PM [Reply]
JayDeezy wrote:
I applied to Princeton, Columbia, Howard, Morehouse, Brown, and Stanford. I got into all, but I'm going to Morehouse. Future Man of Da House. Yo ladiez, holla at ya boy.
Hey if you got into all those schools, you must have some serious intelligence. I'll be in ATL this fall--you can holla at ME!!
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replied on 06-03-2003 09:50AM [Reply]
I am applying to Morehouse College, Grambling, New York University, Columbia University of New York and Chicago, Washington University, CMSU, and I don't know of any others at this present time, but I will let you all know as soon as I make up mind. This is to the second person who replied on the first page: You apply to the schools that you have in mind. It doesn't matter how many, but you should try to narrow your selection down to about 10 or less. But keep do your thing and I hope that everyone gets accepted to their school(s) of choice.
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lay_d_wit_class replied on 06-03-2003 12:25PM [Reply]
good luck to the class of 2004 cuz ya'll gonna need it. i hope that u guys get into the schools of ur choice and all goes well. but i'm dissapointed becuz i don't see anybody reppin southern but that's aite, it's all good.
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