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High School Superlatives Posted on 02-19-2005

I'm bored, so I wanna know... What was your superlative back in high school? I'll tell y'all mine later (it's THAT embarrasing)
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In Rod We Trust replied on 02-21-2005 12:48PM [Reply]
Ms.H.B.I.C wrote:
Da_Rodfather wrote:
We did our own at the lunch table one day. I got most sneaky and youngest face.....
Lol yall got lunch tables?
Yea in high school....
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replied on 02-21-2005 04:25PM [Reply]
Well, I didn't voted for at all, but I could care less, because it was nuthin' but a popularity contest anyways. Everyone knew that the nominees didn't fit the category, they juss voted for them, because either they wanted to be popular, or because....they wanted to be popular. Plus, U DON'T RUN for those type of things, ur senior class nominates u! PPL R rediculous now a days! :roll: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
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baby_diva_04 replied on 02-21-2005 04:52PM [Reply]
Flyyest_216 wrote:
It's Kool™ wrote:
I didn't get voted for A DAMN THING....
Me too
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baby_diva_04 replied on 02-21-2005 04:56PM [Reply]
CHiladelphia wrote:
I'm not going to win anything............i am quiet
Yeah, I'm real quiet too.
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AtlChynaDawl replied on 02-21-2005 04:58PM [Reply]
Well I wuz nominated for "Best Smile", but I didn't win but I got a "Who's Who" award from my teachers which is like an academic based superlative from the faculty.... 8)
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Hornet_Psi replied on 02-21-2005 05:14PM [Reply]
"The King of Contraversy"....I stayed in the drama, issues, and all-out political B.S.
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IKESTEReightSIX replied on 02-22-2005 08:11PM [Reply]
Buttascotch530 wrote:
Sheff wrote:
I got quite possibly the worst superlative anyone can get . . . . . . . . . . . Most likely to end up in a mental institution. :twisted:
damn..... :? haha :lol: uhh, wut college u goin to again? no im just kidding lol
You go to Miles don't ya?
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replied on 02-24-2005 02:31PM [Reply]
we have superlatives, which are the 10 most popular girls and 10 most popular guys of our class, and we have spotlights, which are like the most and best..... i am a superlative and also most outgoing....
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Bigblack replied on 12-01-2010 10:06PM [Reply]

Hey i would have switched places with u in a heartbeat in highschool i got vote most likely to contract diabetes and die in diabetic coma.

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