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I got a question Posted on 02-20-2005
In Rod We Trust

In question to the "CAN I GET A BAN" thread.... No one answered my question...Why is it that Demmeri or Solid Snake can't get banned ??? I'm really not understanding that. Yes homie made some stupid ass posts but I didnt even notice him. Right now I'm about ready to kill this Solid Snake fuccka and thats for real. He puts up pornographic pictures..he says ignorant shiet...his threads have no fucckin meaning to them Right now I'm pissed and I feel like if anybody on this got damn site is getting banned motha fuccka should know WHY and WHO the fucck it is. We got motha fucckaz on here like him who do stupid shiet like that...But n*ggaz want to get rid of someone because they make posts that have no fucckin meaning Or because people think their "CHRIS" fucckin Aggie Apo ect ect...n*ggaz who just make comments in the thread... WHY the fucck is that??? Yo the next time someone gets motha fucckin BANNED in this *** let me the fucck know...the fucck is our purpose??? I mean damn can we work as a got damn team on this shiet?? AND YEAH THIS SHIET WITH ME WANTING SOLID SNAKE IS PERSONAL Can't get n*ggaz power
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 02-21-2005 04:13PM [Reply]

demmeri's backup name... varuca is already on the banned list... and even if we do ban these cats... they gonna just find a new computer and create a new name... unless they are that uncreative to think of something... but like i said before and i'll say it again... i barely touch the administration panel... it's been on my thing for a while, but i just leave it alone and keep an eye on the forums that i'm the moderator of... :arrow:
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replied on 02-21-2005 04:44PM [Reply]
Ms.H.B.I.C wrote:
And you know what I just figured out WHY n*ggaz is keeping those people on here....Cuz they want the site to be drama filled... Fucckin.....I'm not even gone say it...fucckin disrefucckinguard every fucckin thing i just said got dammit
Sorry we just don't have the manpower to keep up with everything (without severly limiting what people can do on the message boards)... There is no conspiracy to let people run wild so that there is more drama... We actually lose credibility in doing business the more wild our members act on the website, so that is NOT what we want... We just need people to use the contact us form to let us know when there are issues because there are like hundreds of new messages here each day that we are just not able to keep up with... Thanks for your understanding and patience on this...
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