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What To Expect When Moving South? Posted on 02-24-2005

Now of course you all know that I'm a be headin' south soon...and I 've lived in Toledo, Ohio all my life. I know we got some southern folk on here, so my question is...WHAT SHOULD I EXECT WHEN MOVING DOWN SOUTH? I DONT WANT NO SUPRIZES lol, so dont hold nothin' back tell me straight up...remember I'm jus an OHIO BOY who aint SEEN NOTHIN' lolol
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replied on 02-24-2005 06:34PM [Reply]
cafe-aulait wrote:
speljag09 wrote:
Tiptoes8705 wrote:
as far as food...expect A LOT of good cooking on sundays...get cool with somebody grandma or something...Sweet Tea...EVERY BODY in the south drinks Sweet tea or at least tried it... Weather: You're gonna love it, in ATL it's Feb. and 71 degrees...so imagine what it'll be like in AL People: Southern Hospitality exists...i'm guilty of it too...we wave at people when they let us in front of them while driving...we speak and ask how you're doing...dammit we're JUST FRIENDLY!!!
Oo I love sweet teas and pearl milk tea- I didn't know that there were too many Asians in the South?
UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH I hate sweet tea. I just can't get with it.
aww go drink a "pop" and sit in the corner by yourself, NORTHENER! :lol:
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Buttascotch replied on 02-24-2005 06:46PM [Reply]
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Buttascotch replied on 02-24-2005 06:50PM [Reply]
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replied on 02-24-2005 06:57PM [Reply]
i'm not big on tea..but if it's offered at a banquet or something i'll drink that...damn i ain't had tea in years!
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Thoroughly_Confused replied on 02-24-2005 08:03PM [Reply]
NeoSoulBrotha wrote:
In general... 1. Stores, restaurants, and entertainment close earlier. With exception of Waffle House, IHOP, and Denny's. Holla!
That is so not true. I came to VA from Texas, which is further south, and I was mad as hell. Everything shuts down here at about 9 maybe 10 if you are lucky. Once it reaches 2, you might as well go to sleep. At home there is always something open. It all depends on where you go. To me Mississippi and Alabama are a world apart from Texas, aside from the souhern hospitality
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replied on 02-24-2005 08:12PM [Reply]
I'on know what yall talkin bout, but Sweet Tea is the shyt! I went to a restaurant in Harlem that was supposed to be southern style, and their sweet tea tasted like uggghhh!! But anyway, the south is a lovely place to be. Like everyone said, the heat is gone be ridiculous, people are friendly, and the food is hella good. You might have a hard time understanding the people and their dialects/slangs. I'm from the south, and sometimes I still don't understand what the hell these negroes in New Orleans are saying. And as far as being slow, I would say we are more laidback, not slow. There's no big rush like it is in Northern cities, so we just take our time with what were doing. Besides, it's to dayum hot to be rushing about in the heat anyways. :lol:
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Thoroughly_Confused replied on 02-24-2005 08:14PM [Reply]
MeganJerai wrote:
Weather: Expect warmer weather. Not really snowy down here. Rain's a lot in certan regions in the South and certain places like Texas, it doesn't rain as much as it does up here.
I gonna have to disagree with that one too, because in Houston it will rain for a week straight. I swear the whole Gulf of Mexico be unloading in Houston
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replied on 02-24-2005 08:19PM [Reply]
Sheff wrote:
Dean_Jones wrote:
I'll just say it like this Georgia - Atlanta = Alabama Alabama - (Birmingham + Montgomery + Huntsville + Mobile) = Mississippi
Basically what he said. I got some specifics for ya, tho, bruh. Especially on AAMU. Dean, I'm a Huntsville boy, born and bred, so you can PM me whenever you get a chance. I'm gonna tell you now....you'll be taking trips to ATL every once in a while if you like being entertained. Most of the clubs in the Ville are WAAAY the hell out in the sticks. The best strip club we ever had is out in the boondocks, close to the airport in Triana. Its got a gravel parking lot (last time I was out there was around 99 or 2000). They check ID, but if you're underage, all you gotta do is tell them you dont have it on you...but it'll cost you an extra $5. We also got this little club called 'Taboo', but I STILL haven't been yet. If you're a sports fanatic like me, we got plenty of it. We got an NBDL team, an Arena league football team...AAMU sports and all that jazz. Contrary to popular belief, Huntsville is a cool place to be. Just dont go around the **** sides of time if you dont have a gun....and watch out for HPD. Some of them can get REAL stupid late at nite, around the time when the clubs close. Just holla at ya boy.
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cafe-aulait replied on 02-24-2005 08:31PM [Reply]
Southern dudes= loud, aggressive, and easily offended well I guess thats not information you need....Or is it? Ah well.
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Buttascotch replied on 02-24-2005 08:41PM [Reply]
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