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HAMPTON GURLS Posted on 03-01-2005

Frederick, MD
:wink: Hey, my name is Kiarah and I will be attending Hampton in the fall. I dont know anyone else that is going there, so I was hoping that someone wouldn't mind showing me around a little bit. I will be there on High School Day, April 1st, and it would be great to meet up with someone who goes there. Please gurls, Help A Sister Out. [/img]
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AtlChynaDawl replied on 03-05-2005 03:55PM [Reply]
U can meet me @ HighSchool Day!!!! I won't know anyone either!!!
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replied on 03-06-2005 02:30PM [Reply]
me 2
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replied on 03-06-2005 08:10PM [Reply]
^^^Ya'll need to hit up Megan, Jia, and a couple of other Hampton women. Those gurls will show ya'll what's good at ya new home by the sea. :wink: :arrow:
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Ludacrises replied on 03-07-2005 09:34PM [Reply]
hmm..ill be on the lookout :lol:
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swyoungtay05 replied on 03-08-2005 03:54PM [Reply]
I wanna hook up wit yall too Most likely Ill be by myself anyways. :cry: I had some Questions about High School Day anyways. What's the Registration for? What should we wear?
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replied on 03-08-2005 04:22PM [Reply]
^^^...i dunno anything about registration, but as far as what you should wear....wear something comfortable. You guys are gonna be walking around campus, so stillettos prolly wouldn't be a good choice. I'm sure you can find something. :wink:
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MiSz ShaNnon 05 replied on 03-31-2005 12:40PM [Reply]
i'm goin to hampton......i don't know about high school day tho...!!
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 03-31-2005 03:19PM [Reply]

Welcome to HU!
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HIU_Cutie02 replied on 04-01-2005 01:59AM [Reply]
Wow.. so many Hampton Prospects!!!! Im sure you will get a good look around our campus at high school day... Ill be with the best band in the land...(check out the pic at the bottom..) Have Fun!!!
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