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JUST A MORNING FRESSVERSE: I'm Ready to Use My Heart Now Posted on 03-03-2005
I'm So St. Louis

A Stephanie H. Original (Oh yea, sorry I have been gone for awhile now...) I'm just letting my fingers type never stopping my expressions this sadness in my heart I'm feeling has really got me under pressure now they say I have to take a chance and whatever the choice there is a lesson to be learned how can i continuosly test out my heart and risk it to be permanently scorned they say let nature take its course but on what level am I no matter the situation all chances seem to pass me by so do I wait patiently or begin to search cause these lonely nights ain't getting it and my heart continues to hurt I begin to question myself and start to think there's no one left I thought the rules were first begin with love for yourself I've done it all I've lusted cheated been faitfhul fallen for a crush but I'm ready to use my heart instead of falling in love with my ****
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 03-03-2005 09:49PM [Reply]

That's deep girlie.......great job :wink:
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replied on 03-05-2005 03:06PM [Reply]
awww.....that was really good! **runs out of thread**
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replied on 08-25-2005 03:30PM [Reply]
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