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"That is just sooo [insert your name here]!".... Posted on 03-04-2005

P o e t i q R e i g n
Greensboro, NC
i think i might've put a topic up about this a loooooooooong time ago... but the "what's your favorite color?" & "what do you wear to class?" topics made me think of it.... r there any trends in your wardrobe?? like...as in colors...patterns...designs...etc. etc.??? for me...i got a looootta shirts that r either all red or have a lot of red in 'em....burgundy/maroon's my fav. color, but i only have like 3 or 4 shirtz with mostly that....but 4 some reason, red always catches my eye when i'm lookin' thru shirts.... also, i have quite a few pink shirts...i tend 2 really discriminate on those tho, lol....those r always my "absolutely last resort - got nothin' else to wear" shirts/blouses....4 some reason :? tiger print....i LOVE wild cats, so anything with like...tiger or cheetah print...ALWAYS catches my eye.... i have a lot of blue jeans.... & last, but not least....my mom & one of my homegurlz always know what type of "cute, tight" shirts i'm gonna get when i'm shopping.....they're alwayz like "jameya, that looks like somethin' u would wear, too" lol...and these they're referring 2 r like....horizonal-striped shirts....like with 2 or 3 alternating colors....either the alternating colors could be different shades of one primary color (like light blue, baby blue, blue, & navy blue...or pink, red, & burgundy)...or just like 3 completely different colors (like...purple, green, white)....i don't know what it is about those horizontal-striped shirts...but i always think they r just SO cute! lol...they can be thin stripes, wider stripes, it doesn't matter...they just alwayz seem 2 catch my eye... but aiight....now onto class...that started 3 minutez ago :? (c...this is y i try 2 stay away from this site, LoL)
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In Rod We Trust replied on 03-04-2005 01:34PM [Reply]
Me and Jerseys its a never ending relationship. For me it either Jersey, Black Tee or Button up.
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replied on 03-04-2005 01:37PM [Reply]
- Black Tees w/ some sort of saying or picture on it - Navy or Black based Fitteds - I have a good amount of Jordan XII's and XIII's or Jordans overall
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Hahaha replied on 03-04-2005 02:07PM [Reply]
i'm into pladd (sp) shirts....all i wear is docker now...i have on a pair of dockers shoes with docker pladd blue top n dockers khakis...i'm into the professional look... i'm still a morehouse man dammit!
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NECKBONE replied on 03-04-2005 06:28PM [Reply]
a lot of screen print shirts with pictures of black historic figures.
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AggieWarrior from Charlotte, NC replied on 03-04-2005 07:38PM [Reply]

i gotta thing for a button up open out w/ a white tee underneath... it's a new thing... another thing is the hat, i can't go nowhere w/o a hat... about 85% of the time you'll see me w/ a hat... jerseys (personalized mainly) that's me
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replied on 03-04-2005 07:50PM [Reply]
All my jeansare either all Blue, or have blue in them. My stuff has patterns of Blue and White, Blue and Black, or Red and Blue. :o . Wow.
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CJ The Hustla replied on 03-04-2005 08:34PM [Reply]
Yo man, good topic.. Yea my boys always get on me about my shoes, I wear casual sneakers, no ballin shoes...I mostly wear my addidas (All black Somoa's)...some Navy New Balances, or some color dunkman's (the casual air force 1)... As far as jeans, mostly blue, some with brown undertones, or brown stitchings...my shirts are mostly tall tee's of some color...no names...BUT, Im bout to start the name brand thing back up OCCASIONALLY, if not, definetly about to get into the Button ups, and Screen Print tee's with a pair of S.Dots on or something...time to get right.. My homegirl was like "Damn chad, you look good as hell, but if you dressed up more, alot of these chicks would be on you hard".. so ever since then, I've been like ...and Im thinking it might be true, so Im gonna test the theory...hell I might even wear..........SUNGLASSES!!!! 8)
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 03-04-2005 11:10PM [Reply]

hmm...my style is weird. It's no one exact thing. But for the most part, i'm a jeans girl. I don't do skirts/dresses/heels unless it's church or some fancy function. I sumtimes have an earthy look with my lil fro and neutral colors, sumtimes i have a sporty look with my hoody & sweats, sumtimes i do it up with cute lil blouses/baby tees and straighten or curl my hair. It's hard to define me. But for the most part...form fitting jeans and baby tees are in rotation.
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replied on 03-04-2005 11:28PM [Reply]
I had a real nice wardrobe...button ups...mostly blue jeans...a few tees w/ logos...plain white and black tees of course...some nice casual clothes...BUT since we got robbed I wear what I can afford...long sleeve shirts...plain white, black. Blue jeans. And the same nike shox I done had since last year. I'm more of a casual than formal person when money is available. Stacy Adams, dress shirts, khakis... Air ones polo shirts....
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