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Help! Xavier or MWSC Posted on 05-03-2003

Here's my problem. I really want to go to xavier, but it would cost me about 40,000 after scholarships. But my parents are really against this, they want me to go to missouri western state where I have a full ride(my sister goes there also, I live in kansas). My problem is 40,000 to much to pay for something that you reallly want. thanks
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replied on 05-03-2003 01:21PM [Reply]
Have you tried getting a scholarship from Xavier?
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replied on 05-04-2003 12:15PM [Reply]
well, she said after scholarships so im supposing she already has some. but i had no idea that 40,000 was the cost for xavier. i mean xavier is a good school and it's black and black schools usually dont cost that much money and if imma pay that much money for a school, it betta be a white school. u can go to U of Md for that much. i think it is too much but if thats what u really want, then u do u. but thats too many loans to be tryna take out
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JayDeezy replied on 05-04-2003 04:23PM [Reply]
you would only pay 40 grand a year for a white school? wow, talk bout a sell out. morehouse, spelman, howard, hampton, famu, as well as xavier are all ranked some of the top schools in the country! out of black and white schools! dont sit here and say u would only pay that much for a white school, but then again, i think itdbe best if u stayed with them. holla.
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Douglas321 replied on 05-04-2003 09:57PM [Reply]
I meant it would cost 40,000 for four years total. So 10,000 a year. Sorry about not clarifying.
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