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cau orientation Posted on 03-08-2005

Heey! I plan on going to the july 13-15 orientation but I havent recieved my confrimation packet yet. Which one are you going too? I plan to major in accounting or finance.....What about you? Well I hope orientation is fun since we have to stay in the dorms! haha Well CyA iN aUgUsT oR mAyBe sOoNeR =) Lol
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LadyCrimson10 from Louisville, KY replied on 03-08-2005 10:05PM [Reply]

Hey whats up I plan on attending the orientation that goes from July 6-8th, majoring in that Chemistry, in the college of Arts and Sciences holla at me if you see me.
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replied on 03-09-2005 12:23AM [Reply]
was good thanks for your replies. i will ither be attending the july 13-15 for mass comm,english or busines. or the july 20-22 orientation for undecided. it depends on my choise of major or if im driving down there with friends from my school. hope to see you there if any one see's me 1st dont be afraid to speak. im a nice guy most of the time. dre
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choklatethighz05 from Roselle, NJ replied on 03-09-2005 08:02PM [Reply]

Imma be at the orientation July 13-15 for Mass Media Arts. If yall see u me yall betta make sure I'll speak lol I'm a friendly person. If yall want pictures just hit me up and ask. ^ Dre did I send u my pics?? And I have a question "The dorms we stay in when we go to orientation .... Does anyone know if those are going to be our dorm room when we go down there in august?? Can bring sum of our things up ??"
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mzballplaya from Shaker Hts, OH replied on 03-09-2005 11:06PM [Reply]

I'll b there July 6-8th... which is the Arts and Science Majors... I'll be majoring in Computer Science... Trust... If i c u or a look-a-like i'll say something! lol Well get at me!!!
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replied on 03-13-2005 01:36AM [Reply]
was good yall good lookin out. sry i haven been posting i started working again n if im not workin or in school im sleep. but is any one bring thier cars with them this year or wa? i have a land cruiser but i wanna buy a new chrystler 300c was ya thoughts ? its beat that under classmen ant stay in the residency apt,or heritage commons
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LadyCrimson10 from Louisville, KY replied on 03-13-2005 08:28AM [Reply]

When I visited CAU back in Sept of 2003, Robin Reid one of the Admissions counselor's I THINK he told me that freshman aren't allowed cars on campus. He told me that we shouldn't bring them because we're not allowed to use them our first year. I pretty sure, but you could ask some other people to see.
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replied on 03-13-2005 10:35PM [Reply]
ooh i went to clark in october dduring the black college tour and they told me that you were allowed to bring cars. they also say it on campus dirt.com but i dunno they might have switched up. im juss growin impatient of waiting this year
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Neiya05 replied on 03-16-2005 12:24PM [Reply]
wuts good im attending July13-15 and my major is accounting
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replied on 03-17-2005 01:43PM [Reply]
Have any of you guys recieved your orientation confrimation packet or your room assignment?
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