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Reppin 4 Jesus Posted on 03-13-2005
Jackson, MS
.............................Check me out yall Imma Soulja 4 da Lord so I`m playin my position/ Sanctified wit a vision on a holy ghost mission/ Listen da Lord Jesus changed my life/ Died on da cross 4 my sins and paid da price/ I was blind couldn`t see so he gave me sight/ walkin in dis dark world bout to bring da light/ made me right I USE to be RAPPIN and CURSIN/ now i`m on da track blessed and I`m rappin wit a PURPOSE/ no longer feelin worthlessGOD`S in control/ Imma livin testimony goin on wit a changed soul/ wit spiritual poems healin da globe/ let it be known CHRIST is da king of da throne/ so DEVIL it`s on no more half steppin/ I`m livin 4 da truth and HEAVEN is what I`m reppin/ The bible is my weapon and I`m ready 4 war/ on da battlefield fighting till I even da score/ capture souls and expose da lies of da enemy/ speakin da truth so we can rise to da victory! _________________ I am the kid that brings to life the quote..."It aint over till it`s over"
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prettypoet8804 from Hayward, CA replied on 03-13-2005 07:01PM [Reply]

i like that. there's a few gospel rappers that have come to my church. have you heard of agerman (used to part of 3XKraxy but now he's a preacher) or M.O.P.? i didn't check to see where you were from, so i don't know if you've heard of them
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 03-14-2005 01:33PM [Reply]
that was good! I love gospel hip hop-Cross Movement especially if u've heard of them...keep on doin ur thing!
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PrettyYellaBoy from Jackson, MS replied on 03-14-2005 02:04PM [Reply]
yeah I heard of cross movemant. I also know about the 216 and Kent State! I got some boys that run up there on the track team.
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~*Secret*~ replied on 03-14-2005 02:39PM [Reply]
have any of u heard of C.O.R.P. 1. (Christ Our Righteous Praise)...they get around ohio and indiana alot...they are really talented
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Lady Invictus replied on 03-14-2005 03:28PM [Reply]
I like it!!
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PrettyYellaBoy from Jackson, MS replied on 03-15-2005 01:51PM [Reply]
keepin it flowin...... seek God , dont keep followin frauds/ that claimin to be pros, like wolves in a sheep's clothes/ they got--/PhD's, and---/master degrees, but its/ ---easy to see, that the pastor is seekin to be/ master of me, when actually CHRIST is King/ i wouldnt mind, if they actually knew what it means/ to be redeemed--/but it seems most of em cling/ to things that the world needs, instead of what Christ brings/too many churches teachin is worthless/we need to be doin our own personal searches/ in God's Word.--/ the situation is urgent/ time to ask ourselves, just who are we REALLY SERVIN?/i pray you open your eyes, see through the lies, and be --/ sure that youre saved before the day that you die
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~*Secret*~ replied on 03-15-2005 02:57PM [Reply]
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SC_Shawty from Columbia, SC replied on 03-16-2005 10:12AM [Reply]

Keep It up..... :grin:
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replied on 03-16-2005 02:01PM [Reply]
that waz hot...a dude thatz into servin tha lord....I like..keep postin em playa!!
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