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Why? Posted on 03-15-2005

I made this because i needed to get this off my chest why you take my love for granted i wish the best for us. we went threw the storms and the rain to getther. you was my goddess that made my sun happiness raise for joy. Why do love got to be so diffcult love would make you get on your knees and say why? We went threw our mistakes, and we stayed together, our hearts stayed together like **** cheeks. you gave me i gave you,we was mutal like no other. I knew I love you, because i felt different every time a talk, toch, kiss, felt you. Rush went threw my body every time you touch me, that's when i knew your my love. Why act like i dont love you, hell yeah with pride and joyness the love that i built for you is every lasting, i wont break down right now just talking about you right know, love is real when you feel it for real. **** you can act hard you wont, but love comes your heart get soft. Why i found that right one chocolate,sweet, and body full and curves like you never seen before, but what makes me love her so is much the body,head, and soul is right. the mmmmmm!!!!! good filling that makes melt when its cold. make your nerves jump for no reason. why do poeple feel love so strong, i finally notice it. its somebody out there is going make your bones feel good, and ya close to that person like no other. somebody you can run to when have nobody to talk to. sometimes you dont even want talk to your parents about your problems, but you would talk to your love in hot quickness. Why when it's dark and you just wont give up on everthing, but somebody out there come in your room of life and turn on your light, and look up and tell your self this is the one to rescue me from the fire.
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replied on 03-15-2005 05:35PM [Reply]
awww sweetie, who done did you wrong?
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oOoDazzlingDanceroOo replied on 03-15-2005 10:29PM [Reply]
^^I know, right.
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