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Black Students @ white schools Posted on 05-07-2003

In one of my forums i talked about going to a white school...well i was awarded for making the honor roll all year last night and something really hit me...I noticed that I was the only blac person (who never fronts like acting white at times) who recieved this award...i felt good but then again i was mad...my school doesn't round up grades so if you have an 85.6...thats what you have when you need an 86.0 to make the honor roll and alot of people were talking about how if it were a white student doing this or doing that things would have been different...and its true...i've seen a forum similar to this but i was just wondering about this topic...As a black student at a white school do you feel like you are givin a fair chance when there are not black teachers.
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replied on 05-07-2003 02:24PM [Reply]
I think something like that is wherever you go. You can go to an all black school and because the teacher doesnt like you or what you represent, they may make things hell for you. Ive never been to a majority white school but Ive been around enough to know.
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FutureSpelmanCutie from Los Angeles, CA replied on 05-07-2003 02:26PM [Reply]

I am sort of in the same positon. My school hosts an Awards Night every year and you have to be invited. Out of the 10 Black students in my Sophomore Class of 150 students, I was the only one invited but the Whites, and don't forget the Asians, are being invited by the bus loads. But that's not what I was writing about. My issue is with college help. My school has no Black teachers and one Black college counselor but she can only do so much. They provide us with no info on HBCUs or even try to help us find some. It's all about UCLA and USC and BERKELY or those types of schools. Luckily I have a mother that is on top of the college prep stuff. But for my friends whose parents are unaware, they are really missing out. When a White person needs info on a predominately white school, the counselors are on top of it. But when it comes to HBCUs, "Maybe you should go to the website, get the number, and see what you can find", say the White counselors. I think this is so unfair. But for those of us that are in these situations, we need to stop ranting (or raving, you know what I mean) about it and do something. At least that's what I'm trying to do. P.s. Sorry for being so long winded.LOL.
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replied on 05-07-2003 02:31PM [Reply]
Im happy for you, and that you do have some type of guidance in you life. Not everyone has that as you said. But most times people have to find things out for themselves if thats what they want. No one is going to do it for them. But it would be good for you to spread word about HBCUs. Best wishes to you.
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caramel QT replied on 05-07-2003 09:32PM [Reply]
I think that black teachers go out of their way and sort of take you under their wing to make sure you succeed. they encourage you to strive for a goal. and when being in an all black class i don't feel so secluded like i'm the only one that has a specific point of view. usually the students agree and at white schools you are sort of over looked
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KnowledgableTruth replied on 05-08-2003 01:07PM [Reply]
Private schools and public schools are differen't...of course prejudice and racism happens everywhere but in schools it shouldn't happen that way...i've been to both public and private schools...at private schools i think its worse because they are trying so hard to live up to a name...like at my school...our principle doesn't know his students...i was givin an award the other night and he had to ask what my name was..now those white kids...he knew there names...at private schools they put up a big front and i know that in this city private schools do better because they aren't really state funded...alumni give money(but i'll tell you one think, they better not ever expect a check from me)...and like with him not even knowing who i am...how would expect me to be able to come to him when i need to talk to someone if we don't have that kind of personal bond...now i will say this...our last principle was a priest and he knew everybody...so its not like its not possible...the school isn't that big...it might be about 600 students here and 250 of them are seniors...the teachers don't take a personal interest in the black students because they be friends wit them white kids parents and stuff...they don't care about us and then ready to kick us out of class at the drop of a dime...there are no minority scholorships...they don't have apps to black colleges at hand...hell there aren't even any black organizations...and even in the leading student groups in the school...there are very few black kids...a friend of mine just told me that she isn't the track captian...now...she's a senior...and the fastest girl on the team...why is she not a captain...why is the captain a junior...they don't treat us right and then say that we are always disruptions when are trying to speak up for our rights for what we need when we pay more than these white kids...we deserve just as much as they have...nobody wants to go to dances because all they play is brittney spears...ain't nobody on that...stuff needs to change...they are out of order
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Kinkee replied on 05-08-2003 02:24PM [Reply]
I was the only black girl in my class for 5 years. It felt like everyone expected me to be in another school. I may have been black but I did better than some of the other white students. I got respect. They see as as a black female trying to make it in life. On top of that, I also stay in a white neighborhood. At first, I thought they were all racist. But everybody knows everybody and helps each other out.
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Kasha03 replied on 05-08-2003 04:00PM [Reply]
Okay, unlike most of you all, I'm not necessarily a student at an all white school. The numbers with blacks and whites are pretty even throughout all classes at my school. However, when you look at the number of minorities that are in the AP and honor courses and on honor roll consistently, it's really low. Some say it's because we as a people want to be "lazy" and from my point of view, that's not the case. It's hard to be the only black person or one of the few in the harder classes because it's almost like you have to prove that you can do as well or even better than the whites in the class. I know because out of the many classes I've taken throughout high school, I can only say that there was an equal split or a majority of the minorities in only about 5 of those classes. And when the year end's honor's night come around, you can count how many minorities are recognized for honor roll and things like that on ONE hand. When you aren't encouraged to try or you see your own being "singled" out for taking the harder classes and at times being called "white chocolate" (I've been called this many times, as recent as today as a matter of a fact), people don't want to try and are scared of failing and being told "I knew you couldn't do it" or something of that nature. So, things like being one of a few minorities recognized isn't something that happens in only majority schools, but at racially balanced schools as well. Sorry for writing so much but I hope that I made my point.
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La replied on 05-08-2003 04:23PM [Reply]
My experience was kind of different from everyone else's it seems. I attended a boarding school my sophomore year of high school with a whole bunch of rich white kids. I personally didnt feel less privileged than any of my white classmates, and if I did you could TRUST that I would speak up. There were only about 10 black kids at the boarding school, and I received the same attention as my white classmamtes. And I never came off as a little " charity case " because I wasn't as rich as those kids and I wasnt driving Benzs, Bentley's, and Ferrari's. If anything, the white kids seemed to be " INTRIGUED " by the black culture, and the white, suburban kids knew more rap songs than I did. Now of course people had their streotypes about the black culture in general because of where they grew up and what they always seen on television, but that is why I was there to set them straight so know they know what is and isnt true about black people. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that everything was perfect with those white people, but Overall, my experience going to a predominantly white school was not all that bad. If anything it taught me a great deal on how to deal with people who make ignorant comments, who dont know any better, AND IT ALSO SHOWED ME HOW BLESSED I AM, BECAUSE THOSE KIDS HAVE ALL THE MATERIAL THINGS IN THE WORLD, BUT THEY LIVE SUCH "SHELTERED LIVES " WHEN THEY ENTER " THE REAL WORLD " THEY WILL HAVE TO LEARN MANY THINGS THE HARD WAY.
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TSUlady from Bloomington, IL replied on 05-09-2003 05:28PM [Reply]
I go to a predominately white school and I have to say it is different, I transeferred from a school that was pretty evened out. In junior high i had a black counselor and it seemed like she really cared about what happened to me, but since I changed schools I have this white counselor and it seems like she's trying to hold me back from doing what I want to do. I have told her too many times that I want to go straight to a 4 year hbcu after I graduate, but she keeps putting me in classes that will keep me from doing just that. Now I really have to stay on top of things to make sure everything I need is getting done 8)
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