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Make-up no no's. What do u hate the most? Posted on 03-28-2005

I hate when girls wear real BLACK lip liner and they are lightskinned, I mean lip liner is ok but learn to BLEND the colors.
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FAMUDANI from detroit, MI replied on 04-04-2005 09:15AM [Reply]
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IgnoranceIsBliss replied on 04-04-2005 01:13PM [Reply]
Also, when you wear a dark eye, you wear a light lip. Don't have a the dark eyeliner and mascara on with dark eyeshadow and wear a dark red lip. Instead, wear a neutral lip gloss.
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Afro-American replied on 04-04-2005 01:44PM [Reply]
i used to be guilty of this myself, but ladies who use foundation over their severe acne...mine is gone now, but my words of advice if you use makeup to hide your imperfections, than its making it look worse, and plus your skin is not becoming any better by doing this, you could be making it worse...i swore to myself i wouldnt use foundation again until i cleared up, and it was DEFINENTLY hard at first cause i was so self-conscious about what others thought but my skin became clear and now that i am after a few months , ive noticed i really dont even need any...so i guess the best makeup tip i can give is to take WONDERFUL care of your face underneath FIRST, that way makeup can be used to enhance your beauty every now and again and not to "cover up"
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replied on 04-04-2005 03:50PM [Reply]
^^^ I was just gonna post that. I have acne prone skin especially when Im in New Orleans ( Humidity like a Mf) and I have this have to be perfect mentality. I was gonna buy some MAC to cover the blemsishes but i didnt do anything but make me look made up with blemishes. Ladies if u have acne prone skin dont try to hide it with foundations. Here are some things that helped me => Go see a dermatologist ( I didnt do this ) to analyze what type of acne u have and prescibe a prescription => Drink a LOT OF WATER, I can emphasize this enough. You should drink 8 glasses a day => Change your bed lines- That can be a trapping ground for oil => Watch what u put in ur hair cause it can go into your face. => Find a product that works for u. I tried Proactiv but it irratated my skin. Now I use Murad and I see freat results.
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La replied on 04-04-2005 06:32PM [Reply]
^^^^ great advice from all the ladies who recently posted.
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Imaginelyfe06 replied on 04-13-2005 09:22PM [Reply]
Proactiv really worked for me. It cleared up my skin ALOT, I guess my skin is really oily so thats why I have acne. ^^And about changing your bed sheets...GREAT ADVICE. I cant even believe some girls dont do that...All that sweat, oil, and slob are just crawling in them sheets. I was mines as often as possibles...especially pillow cases
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tigeress05 replied on 04-14-2005 01:24AM [Reply]
Another thing is don't pick at ur pimples!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also some more good beauty aids to use are Ambi or Palmer's Coco Butter products.
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Afro-American replied on 04-14-2005 03:50PM [Reply]
lol im mad we making this a clear skin topic...but one more thing and im done on the subject 1--ladies, of all skin types, TAKE THE TIME TO DETOXIFY YOUR SKIN!, you only get one skin, and you need to purify it at least once a week, by either doing home facials, steams, whatever...but cleansing/exfoliation alone doesnt take out all the gunk from your pores, plus you need to keep your skin as young and refreshed looking NOW so you wont look like judge judy once you all become powerful black women...gotta be divas *holding up black power fist* 2--moisturizer is key, whether you have oily skin or dry, if you have oily skin use an oil free moisturizer but trust even though we age slower , not using something to quench your skin will cost ya later..besides if you have oily skin, your skin may be so oily because it is dry and your pores are trying to make up for it by overproducing oil to cause ACNE...well thats what was wrong with mine... and now back to makeup lol errr 3--keep lipgloss in the fridge to make it last longer and have cool kissable lips that puff up really nice...yeah i dont have that many makeup tips as you can tell
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La replied on 04-14-2005 05:03PM [Reply]
Shoya_Star wrote:
3--keep lipgloss in the fridge to make it last longer and have cool kissable lips that puff up really nice...yeah i dont have that many makeup tips as you can tell
oooh I never heard this one before. I need to try it.
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sweetStephanie5 replied on 05-14-2005 11:36PM [Reply]
The ladies at Fashion Fair did a great job on my makeup for prom. I really liked my eyes. However, I don't like their lip products as much I like MAC'S and Sally's Beauty Supply has really good lip glosses. But I like natural looks plus I don't wear a lot of makeup either. But that's my opinion. Oh and to answer another question about the difference between MAC and Fashion Fair: nothing the both are really good and foundation at MAC is the same as Fashion Fair. MAC just tends to have more colors that are bright and wild for those glamouroud nights on the town. Too bad they were booked for prom but th fashion fair stuff worked better than i thought it lasted all night.
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