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Difficult Things to Say Posted on 03-29-2005

What was/were the hardest thing(s) that you've ever had to tell somebody? I'll post my response later. :arrow: BTW, if this has been done before, someone can go ahead and lock this.
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1life from CHICAGO, IL replied on 04-12-2005 11:05PM [Reply]

TESTING 1,2,3.
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replied on 04-12-2005 11:10PM [Reply]
TheWire wrote:
Kool™ in High Definition wrote:
TheWire wrote:
I love you. Can't say it at all. Makes me feel terrible because I just can't get it out.
Hell yeah! Especially to a person that you TRULY love. You can't play or B.S. around with that word....and it's hard for me to spit it out sometimes.
I mean i have trouble even telling my mom I love her. And i love her more than anybody in this world. It hurts when she tells me she loves me and I just can't squeeze it out. I've only said it to her two times i can remember in my life and that is b/c she gave me "that look" like she was bout to cry. And when i said it my **** chest was burning. It's really terrible.
Yea, that's the same with me. I was never raised to be that type of person that always said "luv ya" or "love you" back to someone that said it to me. I have a hard time saying it back to my parents and cousins too.
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replied on 04-13-2005 12:42AM [Reply]
The hardest words for me to say were to mutter out the words "I can't" to my trainer. My opponent was loading huge right hands down the center and I was at a serious size disadvantage barely coming in the ring at 131 and my opponent at 156 and I was fighting back but I was getting grinded. Man, that was tough. The speech he gave me in between rounds...I'll never forget. He was the only thing that kept me in the fight that night and the only reason I got the come-from-behind-miracle-KO.
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Just_2_Much replied on 04-13-2005 02:09AM [Reply]
the hardest thing for me would be to tell someone I'm interested in them. I've never done it. Seriously...I'm so afraid of rejection its not even funny...
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lykehoney from jessup, MD replied on 04-13-2005 08:13AM [Reply]

telling some one that your sorry after a bad situation. Telling someone that you aren't intrested in them in that way Telling someone your feelings These are always the hardest things to say
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replied on 04-13-2005 10:25AM [Reply]
Telling a girl that she's...not "fresh" down there Tellin one of ya female friends that they're not attractive....AT ALL. Yeah....that's all for right now.
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