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Big Sister, Hampton Posted on 04-05-2005

Frederick, MD
Hey, would anybody be interested in being my Big Sister at Hampton? I'll be there in the fall and I dont want a big brother because i heard they'll try to mess with me, and id rather chose a big sister myself than have the school chose one. If you're interested, im or email me at xxchynadoll524xx@aol.com
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HamptonSweetie from Springfield, VA replied on 04-09-2005 10:50AM [Reply]

the big bro/sis thing is never offical because the one i had was.....well not big sister type, so i have a few other big brothers and sisters who just asked if i wanted them to be my big bro/sis.... i am always willing to be a big sister to ANYONE....to all yall incoming freshman feel free to hit me up on email nikkmakk@yahoo.com or AIM hamptonsweetie08 i can be ya big sis, friend, mentor, helper, whatever you need....and if i have my car next year, ill make trips to walmart(might need alil gas money tho)
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Hamptoncutie15 from Mission Viejo, CA replied on 04-10-2005 04:43AM [Reply]

Awwwe I want a big sister too!! Even though I'm going to be the same age as u!! (I went to precollege but I didnt have enough money to come back to HU...But its all good!!) What exactly is the role of a big sister/big brother??
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HIU_Cutie02 replied on 04-12-2005 02:21AM [Reply]
All of my big brothers and big sisters were in the band... we just happen to be such a close nit family. But usually big brothers/big sisters help with advice, wal-mart runs, chill spots... and things of that nature..sort of like a real big brother/big sister. They kinda show you the ropes of the school.
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