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GIRL YOU KNOW YOU WRONG!!! Posted on 04-12-2005

What do you ladies do about affording physical upkeep? As far as getting your hair done and stuff. Do you do your hair yourself or is there a salon close to your campus? I currently have a wrap and I definitely require upkeep. I also know that Hampton University requires that you take P.E. WHICH INCLUDES SWIMMING WTF! :x -Shante'
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CrunkMonkey85 from Atlanta, GA replied on 04-14-2005 12:50PM [Reply]

^^ :???:
demmeri wrote:
PE ain't cool if you skinny as hell and you got to show everybody your body dammit! :x 8-)
cosigns, i hate that ish! in middle school, i always wore a t-shirt under my jersey so my scrawniness was less obvious. it helped a little, but in the end i was the only guy wearing a stupid undershirt in P.E. every day. hell, i still wear t-shirts under all my clothes! :sad: *schedules extra morning workouts*
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