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Problem Posted on 04-13-2005

I'm in a love affair that I can't get out of but definitely need to!!!! Okay...i had a relationship with a guy that was a greek and as you know all the greek frats have unofficial and offical greek sorors. Well here at JSU they are particularly messy about outsiders dating their frats and pretty much the result is that if I don't stop messin with this guy and the word gets out then my chancing of crossin are pretty much shot straight to hell!!! What should i do? Keep talkin to this guy and not cross or tell him to wait until after intake and pray he doesn't find anybody else to be with?
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La replied on 04-14-2005 12:10AM [Reply]
Damn thats kinda ridiculous...but you gotta figure out what is most important to you...going Greek or being with a great guy. But if a soroity doesnt want you cause you are dating a Greek, then I would question that sorority cause thats just absurd.
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