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Ok I'm really sad right now... Posted on 04-19-2005

Dallas, TX
Last summer, a friend and I were walking in Deep Ellum, which is a area with a strip of clubs in Downtown Dallas. This guy and his friend was trying to holler and my friend is the type to ignore guys but I'm more of the type to stop and say hello, especially if the guy is cute. We eventually exchanged numbers and the guy and I talked that whole summer. My womanly instinct was telling me not to fall into deep with this guy because for one he's still gonna be in Dallas and I'm gonna be back & forth to Virginia. This guy was bad(in a good way) though! He was going to school, worked, he looks like Andre3000, he's a Que, and has a lot of southern charm. So I was falling for this dude but we never go the oppritunity to get things poppin cause like I said, I was going to be back in forth in Dallas. Anyways, I call him today after months to see how he was doing and that womanly instinct kicked in. I asked him if he was with someone and he told me he was. I was like . He said they had been dating but they made it official two weeks ago. I feel like I lost something that could have been so good to me. But hopefully fate will bring us back together. Ladies do ya feel me??? Have you lost love because of college?? On the upside, he wanted to see me when I get back in a week in a half.
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 04-30-2005 07:51PM [Reply]

where's my halo? wrote:
yes lawd...college screws u up when it comes to love. Especially if you're away for college. And in my case, i'm all the way across the darn country. Every dude that i've had a "thing" with thus far (cuz i wouldn't call it relationships) has been long distance. Whoever said you find your husband in college was smokin some serious crack rocks :x btw Megan, don't fall for that "i wanna see u when u come back home" ish. If he's with a girl, just charge it to the game. Cuz he's gonna still try to kick it with u at the same time knowin good and well he's attracted to u, and if u don't look out you're gonna end up being the "other woman". You're way too good for that sistah. Would you want your man kickin it with a female that he once tried to get with (and probably STILL wants to get with)? If it's meant to be, you'll have him in time.
Nah I would want my man to be kicking it with a man who was still kicking it with a girl he still liked. But I don't know. I'll update yall when I get home, which is tommorrow, yeah!!!!!!!
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KitaBootieOotie replied on 05-04-2005 07:00PM [Reply]
awwww I feel ur pain girl....... That **** though.......I wish you tha best of luck with tha future and thank god for ur womanly instinct....becuz sum of us are very naive..........
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