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Playoff predictions Posted on 04-19-2005
Hershey's Milk Chocolate

Ok my NBA Heads...playoffs start this sunday. How do you think the playoffs will turn out. I know we are in for surprises, but there are some things that are just obvious will happen. My predictions for round 1: THE EAST: Miami vs. New Jersey: Miami was on a roll this year...they did have the best record in the NBA for a while, but they lost it after a few losses and Phoneix making a good run. I'm so disappointed in New Jersey..went from #2 last year to #8. I don't expect much from them. Jason Kidd and Vince Carter cannot do it by themselves...maybe next year when Jefferson comes back. Miami has too much fire power. Wade and Shaq makes a good combo and will be hard to beat. Miami also has some good defense, so it will be hard for the Nets to do anything good. I see this series as 4-1. Detriot vs. Philly: Detriot right now is on a 10 game winning streak. They are going to hand Inverson and his teams their behinds. AI is still one of the best players in the game today, but to be honest, when he isn't on the court, the team is horrible. Detriot big men (the Wallaces) will give it to them. Hamilton, Prince, Billups....this will be a quick series..a sweep. Boston vs. Indiana: This one is kinda hard for me. I think that Indiana can come out with the win for the series just because they have good young players who have a lot of heart (and hot heads). Boston is a good team...they haven't been this good since 2001-2002. I think this will be an entertaining series. I don't think that Reggie Miller will let his team go out in the first round on his final year. Washington vs. Chicago: This is going to be the best series of this round. I think that Chicago has come up from a long drought (since 98 ). The wizards have been doing the dam thing but so has chicago. Their defense is one of the best in the east. I think this is going to be a series that will go up to game 7. MY WEST PREDICTIONS: Phoenix vs. Memphis: This is going to be a sweep. The Suns have a fast paced game and I don't think that Memphis can handle it. This will be one of the most boring series because it will be a blow out. The only way this will be something to watch is if Nash gets hurts (God forbid). He is the reason why the team has done so well this season anyways. San Antonio vs. Denver: Denver is a good team. They won't be able to beat the Spurs because they have players that are stepping up even when Duncan isn't around. Ginobili, Parker, Horry...this won't be a sweep, but the Spurs will win. Sacramento vs. Seattle: Sacramento is my team, BUT I don't see them beating Seattle. Sacramento doesn't have Peja, but Bibby will be holding them down and so will Mobley, but I just don't see them going away with the win. Dallas vs. Houston: I see this as being one of the best series in the first round. Houston has pick themselves up and have won the last 7 games. T-Mac (my favorite player) brings out the best in his entire team. He has players around that is willing to help out as best they can. I think that Dirk and Finley will work hard to try and spoil Houston's run. I think that T-Mac and Ming will find a way to finally win a first round series.
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 06-07-2005 01:58PM [Reply]

^I'm from Dallas not San Antonio. I never liked the Spurs.
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 06-07-2005 02:00PM [Reply]

the rabbit wrote:
MeganJerai wrote:
Everybody knew that Miami and Phoenix was going.
uhh noo
Everybody around me and media knew it was Phoenix and Miami. That's what I meant by that.
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replied on 06-07-2005 11:23PM [Reply]
MeganJerai wrote:
This is exactly why I don't believe in NBA predictions cause you just never know. Everybody knew that Miami and Phoenix was going. But congrats to the Pistons. I'm rooting for them in the playoffs.
I'm better than the media. That's why my pride was so hurt when miami lost. I knew that the Spurs were the most likely in the west though. The sun's nearly being sweeped wasn't suprising at all. It probaly would be more smart to not make predictions, but I just can't help it. The pistons are winning it in 6. Maybe even 5. As likely as it seems I don't think their goin to 7. Some people might say the spurs had more rest, but if we think about it the spurs haven't played a challenging game in a second whereas the pistons just came off the biggest win in the biggest series of the playoffs. Their minds are more focused having and their game is warm. How was the last prediction I made? Wrong, but I don't care lol. 2 in a row. I'm callin it, and quote me on it. I promise I won't cry next time if I'm wrong, which I won't be cause I'm a sports guru. More predictions to make. The eagles are playing against the minnesota vikings in the NFC championship. Jim Johnson will go to the Cavs via free agency. Phil Jackson won't be back in coaching this year, and larry brown is staying with the pistons or retiring. The nhl won't have a full season, if one at all this year. Jeff Gordon is gonna get road rage and shot someone in the middle of a race. T.O. is gonna feel sour come the NFL preseason and him not getting a new contract [if he's not back for training camp. And my last prediction and most sure- JAMAL LEWIS is going to have the BEST season out of all the RB's in the NFL next year. People think mark clayton and derrick mason are going to make Kyle Boller great, but an improved passing attack is goin to have the biggest impact on the running game considering the fact that the RAven's are a running team. And if Jamal Lewis can rush for 300 bones in a game and over 2,000 yards in [less] than 16 games with a whack kyle boller and the most scrubby recievers in the NFL surrounding him, than he will be even better, not only with this supporting cast, but with his new mindset after spending a few months in prison and 2 months in a halfway house. I predict a rushing title w/ Jamal Lewis written on it. I'm finish now, I've wrote too much. It's worth reading tho. Matter fact, somebody should publish it and put it in a newspaper. ESPN status.
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