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NFL Draft Posted on 04-22-2005

Who's ur team? Who u thinkin they gonna pick? Who is the next all star? just ur thoughts on it
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replied on 04-22-2005 08:09PM [Reply]
My team is the BEARS of course. Who their gonna pick...I'm not sure. If braylon is still on the board their going to get him. If he's off their goin to get cedric benson. If they trade down, lets say with the redskins for the 9th and 25th pick they could end up with someone like mike williams or mark clayton at 9 and at 25th they may get a RB...ciatrick fason maybe or possibly go with TE and get heath miller then save RB for the second round. I like frank gore. He could come in and complement thomas jones and he'll be a star in the next 3 years. It takes most backs who had acl injuries at least a season to recover. He had two so I'll give him three years. Frank Gore is my pick for stardom. Give him the time and he'll deliver. I also like mark clayton. Extremely underrated because of his size but he's got the best intangibles at WR in the draft. Hands and route running is all you need to be a pro bowler. Ask anquan boldin. My last pick is derrick johnson. He's a perennial pro bowler. It's rare to see a LB with that kind of speed and toughness. Look for him to make a big impact on whatever team that he goes to.
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cruzansweetie replied on 04-23-2005 04:04PM [Reply]
Well I was watchin the draft. Did yall catch #18 pick my cousin Erasmus :grin: what do you guys think about Minossota I dont know anything about Football, we're just happy he made top 20
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replied on 04-23-2005 04:31PM [Reply]
Was I the only one that said "GOTDAMN!" when they showed Mark Clayton's highlight reel? I mean gotdamn... That **** got MOVES fa real, that ****was str8 crazy. I didn't even know he was sick like that. But guess what.... BMORE GOT HIM!!! :lol: :lol: *tootsie rolls* 8)
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replied on 04-23-2005 10:54PM [Reply]
Yea man in my opinion mark clayton is the best receiver out of the first round. the only knocks that he had on him was his size. Under 6 feet and under 200 pounds. But I cannot believe that the vikings picked TROY WILLIAMSON with the 7th pick. I'm like these smart punks. That was one of the most terrible picks I've seen so far. They say "hey this cat can fly" and all that stuff but compared to other receivers the man has no real production like that. He got into the top 10 off of a 4.3 40 alone. About the minnesota getting erasmus james I think that was a nice pick. That D-line is going to be sickning. I mean kevin williams, BIG pat williams, BIG and FAST d-end kenechi udeze, and no erasmus james. He's gonna be successful because the rest of the line is going to give him so much relief off the back. I say 10 sacks in the first season if its enough to go around....
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