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AUC Meet and Greet Posted on 04-08-2004

What's up, I would like to say congrats to all of yall who recieved your acceptance letters to Morehouse, Spelman and Clark. Represent the up and coming class of 08 by posting your destination and anything else u can think of as for me ill be attending Morehouse, and i signed up for dubois hall(dont know if that was mistake or not cause i hear them brothers are off the chain) well anyways im looking forward to seeing everyone down there t his summer and fall.
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KDJ_04 from Washington, DC replied on 07-07-2004 01:59PM [Reply]
The **** wrote:
Dec_Prettyboi wrote:
Man ya'll got surveys...all they asked us was if we smoked...they gonna learn if i end up **** my roommate cuz we hate each otha.
look at least they bein honest with you. Cuz we filled out surveys last year and they didnt really process them so it didnt matter. Just make the best outta ur situation. Otherwise you can always make ur roomate move off campus
REALLY? lol, nah they betta look @ my survey cause i requested someone to room with.
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B-Will2K5 replied on 07-07-2004 02:10PM [Reply]
AAAAAWWWWW Look at the lil wannabe-freshwo/men....Congrats and welcome to the AU...but there is still alot for you guys to learn. ALL of the Morehouse incoming "boys" will probably see me within the first week. ESPECIALLY if you are living anywhere in the QUAD..Dubois, White...etc. But if you have any questions..feel free to drop me a PM!
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replied on 07-07-2004 02:48PM [Reply]
Hi...future Spelmanite (c/o '10) here: When you got your housing info w/ your roomie's info did anyone here call their roomate & write them or something so they could get better acquainted?
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replied on 07-07-2004 04:22PM [Reply]
Whoa, what a relief!!!!!! I called Spelman today because I was worried about my housing stuff not being right. Turns out everything was fine and they will be mailing me my housing packet soon, so I should recieve it either Saturday or Monday, I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to get down there. I am starting to shop now and get some more summer clothes, I need to learn how to dress for a warmer climated being that I am from Cleveland, Ohio. We have some bad **** winters up here. I can't wait to get in some of that Georgia sunshine...
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FeelmyVOICE86 replied on 07-07-2004 08:38PM [Reply]
hey everyone, im back lol... ive been kinda busy but anyway im goin to CAU but im stayin in Pfeiffer, but i stayed in Beckwith for orientation and it wasnt that bad, after u start adding ya personal touches it wont be so bad
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CaUpAntHeR08 replied on 07-08-2004 01:20AM [Reply]
I'm gonna be going to CAU also, but I'm gonna be in Merner Hall. I just came back from orientation and Beckwith was not very nice at all..maybe it was just in my lil room, but I still can't wait to get down there. 8)
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KDJ_04 from Washington, DC replied on 07-10-2004 09:34PM [Reply]
Hey this is to my future Morehouse brotha's. The info for NSO has been posted on morehouse's website. However you may encounter trouble trying to open up the file. if you do just follow these steps. right click save target as, save it somewhere on your hard drive where you can find it. then open it from your pc..note you must have adobe reader installed.
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replied on 07-13-2004 01:09PM [Reply]
Well, I finally got my housing infromation from Spelman. i will be staying in Abby hall. the bad thing is that i dont have a roomate. I am somewhat disapointed because I thought it would be kind of fun to have a roomate to talk and share things with. I am in a single room. I guess I just have to make more of an effort to get out and meet people.
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caramel QT replied on 07-13-2004 07:21PM [Reply]
I have a question for all the out-of-state students who are headed to the AUC: My mom said that if i don't get the maximum from the FAFSA that i won't be able to go to Spelman, being that it is a very expensive private school and all, but i know a lot of people who are going to out-of-state schools and they are not rich soo how are some of you handling the costs, including tuition & room and board??
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trulyblessed24 replied on 07-13-2004 07:30PM [Reply]
loans..for @ least the first year. but u might want to find more scholarships or work. your school should always be posting up new job opportunities. keep your eyes/ears open!!
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