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question Posted on 05-26-2003

This I guess is mostly geared toward the female but it doesn't really matter. Anyway I just found out I am pregnant. I don't really see it as bad thing but I also don't see it as wonderful either. Anyway I'm thinking about not keeping it and having an abortion because I am an athlete and I plan on recieving a scholarship to college and without an education I'm not gong to be able to give my child the life they should have. I know this is a position I put myself in but I'm just wondering if you were in my situation what would u do?
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Kinkee replied on 05-26-2003 10:39PM [Reply]
abortion is wrong i don't care what anybody says. in your situation, i understand the sports and the scholarship. my senior year i was determined to recruited but i got an injury and was out for the whole season. there went that chance. sports aren't ur whole life. i think that you should just keep the child and do whatever it takes to get your education. don't give up, life goes on. education will too. there are other scholarships available. keep the faith. then you'll be in my position. a GRADUATE of high school. a DIPLOMA will take you anywhere in life. a GED will not take u far. so you make the decision of how you want your future to go. good luck.
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Charmyce replied on 05-26-2003 11:06PM [Reply]
So if u got raped by a stranger you would keep that baby, knowing it would remind you of the b***h who raped u? Hell naw!!!!!! It depends on what situation you are in in order to have the abortion. I say that it is wrong to have an abortion, but if it was me and I was say around 14 or 15 I wouldn't. I would be too scared. I wouldn't know how to raise the baby. I've never been in that position so I wouldn't know. In your case I would keep it. After the baby and a few good months you can still get your athletic scholarship if you have the skills. You can go to college in your hometown. I really don't know. That's just my opinion.
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lay_d_wit_class replied on 05-26-2003 11:36PM [Reply]
i would say keep the child. cuz abortion is killing and God doesn't not like murders. u never know. the baby that you are carryin could be the one to find a cure for cancer. don't give up on that child. how would u feel if ur mom would have given up on you?? it's not rite. the deed is now done. u've got to think about what's best for the child. maybe things would work out. what i say is put ur life on hold for a few months and then do ur thang. but the question is, who is gonna help you. family, friends, the father. i mean u are gonna need help. trust me it's not easy. i had to raise two kids by myself. if it wasn't for my father i don't know what i would have done. but pray about it. God will see you thru. if u feel that an abortion is what u want then go for it. if not then do ur thang. i hope all is well. good luck in whatever u decide!!!!
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youngone777 replied on 05-27-2003 06:50AM [Reply]
I would also say keep the baby if I got raped, or pregnant in general. If I got raped I would probably give it up for adoption or something (more than likely not cause my mom would not allow me to do somethig like that. Anyhow it was not the child's fault that it began to exist, why take it out on him or her? I don't understand that. If you got raped, take your anger out on the person who raped you, not the innocent victim.
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replied on 05-28-2003 12:09AM [Reply]
No one ever said that you wouldn't be able to get and education. I know people who got pregnant in highschool and still went on to college. Because they wanted a great life for their baby, they decided to keep going. It is up to you as far as what you do. Personally, I would keep it because I would have a guilty conscience knowing that Iended someone's life and meesed up their future and mine. Remember, the choice is yours.
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replied on 05-28-2003 04:59PM [Reply]
Yo from a mans point-of-view.......if my girl was every raped...i would mos def be beside her if she decided to have abortion....im all about giving a woman a right to choose....I just think abortion should not be able to be done after a long period of time...See if a girl waits a few weeks thats kool....but after a month..thats seems to long...all I have to say is that I rap up all the time....lol..cuz God knows I dont need a kid or baby mamas drama right now...I have too many people with high hopes for me right now...But to answer question..i see abortion as a give-and-take thing...it has its pros and cons...if I every got a girl PT....ill be behind her decison all the way...cuz its her body..holla back at your boi...1
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replied on 05-28-2003 09:55PM [Reply]
Well I'm the only one to think this...but I see nothing wrong with an abortion in your case. I would not want to ruin my life because of a child that I was not ready to have....and for that matter, ruin the child's life by not being able to fully provide for him or her. But I say if you are comfortable getting an abortion you totally should. People always say what they wouldn't do, but once they're in a situation like yourself they might act differently. If you know you aren't ready for a child, then I would definitely consider an abortion. BUTTTT you should learn from this experience, and not go out and do the same thing all over again.
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LilDeda from Seattle, WA replied on 05-29-2003 01:13PM [Reply]
yep i would have an abortion. i would have one quick too cuz i know that a fetus is still a life and it is wrong to take a life and that if i'm grown enough to be humpin then i'm grown enuff to take care of my responsibilities as a woman and have my child but at the same time i'm still a kid unable to take care of myself almost. what would i look like 16 w/a kid - it just wouldn't be right. i wouldn't be able to do it and so i would have to get an abortion real quick.
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BisonMami replied on 05-29-2003 03:58PM [Reply]
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