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Could you fall in luv with a former Freak?? Posted on 05-02-2005
Dame Dash

The first thing i would do is get tested to make sure that didn't pcik up anything from her. And if you really love her and think it can work you already know what you have to do.
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replied on 06-06-2005 10:05AM [Reply]
freaks got feelings too..lol- just dont lemme find out shes burnin imma do n r.kelly n pull out ma baretta....
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Hahaha replied on 06-06-2005 11:41AM [Reply]
no (michelle trachenburg)
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DeBron from Atlanta, GA replied on 07-27-2005 11:02AM [Reply]
DeBron -21 DeBron's woman - 31 w 3 kids /reformed lesbian Does DeBron care??? FU^&* naw. SHe the most together sister DeBron has ever dated. Plan on marrying her as well
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M o o N i e replied on 07-27-2005 11:16AM [Reply]
^^^..umm. eww. but do you.
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Just_2_Much replied on 07-27-2005 02:23PM [Reply]
Its possible. I dont think you control who you fall in love with honestly...so its possible to look past someones past.
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replied on 10-16-2005 01:07AM [Reply]
It's nothin I would of did because I would of never got into a relationship with an ex hoe. Never turn a hoe or ex hoe into a housewife. If she was a hoe before then she still would have her hoe tendencies.
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replied on 01-06-2006 11:01AM [Reply]
I think sometimes there is a double standard. I know in many situations, dudes can't stand more than the person who her virginity...But at the same time we could have done f*cked 50 females and look at it like nothing...i think that in society it is expected of men to f*ck alot of women and for women to restrain themselves... with that said... hell no I wouldn't keep a freak... To my knowledge, the most a girl has done that I have settled with was 5 before me...and even that took sometime to get over But n!gga Jon said it best..."You never know who you dealing with in college. They may come at you trying to change they life around, but at home they could have been a flipper..." Never trust females...you can love but don't trust them
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P/Rettyboyblue replied on 01-07-2006 01:43AM [Reply]
I think people can and do change. And I especially wouldnt be able to criticize the decisions they made in life without being able to take the same from them.
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2muchWillRanAwayfromHome! from Atlanta, GA replied on 01-07-2006 08:50PM [Reply]

ummmmmmmmmmm no!! who wants a girl that everyone has got piece of that, once a freak always a freak. Besides when its like throwin a hot dog into a hallway somethings wrong. :lol: MY advice find the millions of good lookin nice girls out there and choose, don't settle for less.
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P/Rettyboyblue replied on 01-07-2006 10:14PM [Reply]
Well if you look at it from that point of view, there are ALOT of females tha thave "settled for less". And if some females looked at it that way there would probably be alot more single men.
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