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Could you fall in luv with a former Freak?? Posted on 05-02-2005
Dame Dash

The first thing i would do is get tested to make sure that didn't pcik up anything from her. And if you really love her and think it can work you already know what you have to do.
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treyslizzle replied on 07-21-2008 04:29PM [Reply]
Hell Naw especially not in college. Cuz you gonna be looking like an ass. Dont Save her, she don't wanna be saved.
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xosugababeox@yahoo.com replied on 07-22-2008 09:57AM [Reply]
people do change every one deserves a chance
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Kismet_TNT replied on 10-08-2008 06:07PM [Reply]
And that saying you can't turn a hoe into a houewife is BULL!!! I've seen it done and people do change. Some turned into disaster, but some actually worked. You'll be suprised at what love can make a person do.
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smc112 replied on 10-09-2008 09:22PM [Reply]
^^^ You right about that, because those freaks stay having a man! LOL It is amazing that men claim they don't want a woman "who's out there" real bad, but they always end up with one who is! LOL
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KonVillain from waxhaw, NC replied on 10-09-2008 11:34PM [Reply]
thats risky right there , and im guessing she didnt use c*ndoms wit all those guys
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DatdudeGee replied on 10-10-2008 02:26PM [Reply]
That is a risky situation. I mean if you have strong enough feelings for her then try ya best to work through it. Not everyone is perfect nor will anyone be. So just keep ya head up and don't ask no more questions about the past. If she kept things on the low and nobody really knows anything then keep going.
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Hahaha replied on 12-26-2008 02:00PM [Reply]
damn all the chicks i i roll with now all have kids lol
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