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A Lost love, you had himthen lost him what happened Posted on 05-12-2005

Miss. Soulful
Macon, GA
I know for me I was with this boy and if you knew him like really really knew him you would think that it was too good to be true. I know I did, I wasn't stupid now I didn't fall head over heels in love just because he knew the right thing to say and when to say it or any of that. We were together for a good year. He never cheated, never lied, we almost never had an argument unless you count which football team was better or what sport was better football or basketball. I met his parents he met mine all that good stuff. Now I don't like to fall in love easily because my heart is fragile, i don't want to risk it, when I fall in love it will be one time only.( hopefully) He accepted this and had no problem telling me when he felt he was in love with me.I thought things were going so well. Till one day going on to our 2nd year, I called him up to make plans for the weekend , I was going to tell him that I loved him. Anyway when I did, he sounded upset, and the next thing i remember he said he needed time alone and broke up with me, :sad: I still don't understand to this day what happened. I tried to be a friend when all is friends acted like they didn't care or at least thats what they wanted me to think, but everytime I tried to talk to him he said he had to call me back. I don't know. I know my first thought was that it was another girl or something but, he could have told me that plus I know one of his family memberswould have told me. That was 7 months ago, my friends tell me I'm crazy cause I havent talked to him in 4 months, but I pray for him every night, and I refuse to get into another serious relationship because no one can compare to him and what we had. Sad huh? I poured out my heart pour out yours.
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natalie_g replied on 06-21-2005 05:53PM [Reply]
well i think a lot of people can relate to this topic i know i can. the dude that i let go we dated back in the eighth grade and we talked on and off since then. every time we talked he's always had a gf and i just didn't want to talk to him while he was dating somebody. he never told me how he felt he acted like i can read minds and stuff. i decided that i would tell him how i felt and i did but he's still with his gf even though he cheats on her and i dont want him to cheat on his gf with me because if i get him i want him more than just one night. i still love him though im not in love i guess we'll never find out what might have happened.
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fyne_dyme2005 from Casa Grande, AZ replied on 06-23-2005 05:27AM [Reply]

hmm i can just say i have had a close encounter with losing them. this is my mos sreious relationship. coming up on 2 years. i had broken up with him for a short time because i was lost. i didnt know if he was what i really wanted and needed to just observe what else was out there. within doing this i found myself hooking up with a friend one night. i regret it but i dont. i regret it because it hurt him but i dont because i learned alot from it. im the type that does not live with regrets, i learn from my mistakes and accept them. i just recently told him and he was so hurt because it was like i cheated on him but not we werent really together but still talked a great deal. i learned alot about what kind of person i wanted to be with and it was him. he treats me so well and takes care of me. we have been doin the long distance thing for about 9 months now but in 2 months i will be at school with him. anywho all is well now he stil loves me with all my flaws and mistakes and i am just lucky to still have him.
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