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$100,000 for HOWARD? Posted on 05-16-2005
Imperial Beach, CA
k so i was on campusdirt.com and it said that for all four years at howard i would need about $100,000...so my question is (if you go to howard) is that true? i know i need money for books and all that stuff but dang...
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replied on 05-16-2005 09:29PM [Reply]
yes, about $100,000...that's why FAMU is looking very nice to me right now ****...cuz I wanna go to medical school after college...so if I don't get a scholarship to Howard (band or academic), then I'll be at FAMU
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the.pretty.prodigy. from Imperial Beach, CA replied on 05-17-2005 10:41PM [Reply]
uh oh...i think i just saw junior college move up higher on my list...$100,000...shooot i might have to go to a calstate first...no matter how many scholarships i get...
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 06-27-2005 02:33AM [Reply]
Um, I don't know why you would trust collegedirt.com. Howard is not $100,000 for 4 years! Come on now
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replied on 06-30-2005 02:13AM [Reply]
Yea I was thinkin the same thing. The only way I could picture HU being 100,000 for 4 years is if you are payin the ALL the costs from pocket, and if you don't have any financial aid or somethin you toast financially almost any where you go.
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Dec_Prettyboi from Atlanta, GA replied on 07-24-2005 11:14PM [Reply]

Howard could def. be 100,000 a year, Morehouse is more than that and my girl is definitly paying about 24,000 a year to go to Howard. But that's not just tuition, and that price could be different depending on living arrangments and corners cut.
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 07-25-2005 12:34AM [Reply]
I don't see how. Tuition is $11,000, room and board ranges from $4,000 to $6000 for the year. What did she spend the extra $7,000 on? Living in DC is relatively cheap, and Howard students don't generally leave the campus like that. She doesn't need to go excessively food shopping if she's already dropping $1,000 on a meal plan. Travel fees? DC metro is $1.35 one way. Books won't really top $600 a semester, and if you're selling them after you use them, you're getting back about half of your money. I just don't understand
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Dec_Prettyboi from Atlanta, GA replied on 07-28-2005 12:07AM [Reply]

Tuition is is 11,490 It does increase yearly by the way http://www.howard.edu/studentfinancialservices/accounts/tutionandfee.htm Room and Board for her is 6000 Single in one of those dorms Transportation 1,200 paid parking on campus is serious if you have a car and have to drive to work or other places, just in case you have a life. http://apps.collegeboard.com/search/CollegeDetail.jsp?collegeId=789&profileId=2 Fees 800[ /b] http://www.howard.edu/studentfinancialservices/accounts/tutionandfee.htm Books 1,200/year and that's without the optional supplimentary material (study guides) and supplies (computer/software/matienence) which could bring it up to an extra 1000-2000 depending on how you get down. Personal expences can be another 2000/year easy. I know I had $100/week allowance and that still was pushing it. I've been up to visit her and DC girls spend money on clothes, clubs, and food esp since your cafe closes so early. Now you do the math. Some people might not be feeling the effects of the cost, esp ones coming out of PG county, but they are real, but you shouldn't worry too much seeing as though money is there and Howard is decent compared to some at dishing it out.
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PGPeripheryGirl from NY, NY replied on 07-28-2005 03:13AM [Reply]
Okay where do I begin... Tuition... yeah it does increase yearly. Room and board... is entirely up to the student. She didn't have to live in a single. the freshman dorms are $4,000, the sophomore dorms are about $5,000, and after that people usually move off campus. I know people paying $400-$500 a month to split a 4-bedroom, 3 story house close to campus. Some people pay less, some people pay more depending on location and number of house-mates/ apartment mates. Transportation... is not $1,200. You can't trust these random web-sites dude. Renting a parking space is $240 for the year, but to be honest, the parking lots are unsupervised and downtrodden. My friend bought a space and her car was broken into on 2 separate occaisions. Now she parks on campus, for free, by all the broken meters by Cook. In terms of all this traveling, the typical Howard student is a Howard homebody, meaning that they aren't driving across town to the club or going to the movies, usually they're going around the corner to a house party or to Crampton for a free movie screening. Of course, I wouldn't expect you to know these things because you're a non-Howard student commenting on Howard related things. Moving on... Fees... yeah they suck $800 Books... are not $1,200. I have a double major and a minor, and I have never spent more than $450 a semester on books. First of all, any one with half a brain is going to buy a $75 used book from a student rather than buy the book for $150 from the Bookstore and only use it for a semester... and not attempt to sell it back or sell it for profit. In order to spend $600 on books, you'd have to spend an avg. of $100 per class with six 3 credit classes (typical 18 credit course load). Now a brand new Calculus book will run you $150 at the Bookstore, but you can find it online for about $100 or so, and from a student for $70 or so. And for classes such as English, brand new paperbacks will run you less than $50... and I've seen students selling classic books for $3. So um, if you use half of your brain, you won't buy every book brand new from the bookstore and keep every book regardless of significance... and even then, will it really be $600 a semester...unlikely. Personal expenses... are just that...personal. If you're the type of person to spend $500 on a Homecoming outfit when you don't have 2 dimes to rub together... then yeah you will be spending $2,000 a year. Personally, I have gone weeks without spending more than $50, and its fairly easy. College students are notoriously broke. At white school kids go to school in pajamas. It's only at HBCUs where girls want to spend $200 on a pair of stillettos to walk around campus in, then cry broke. Your friend's spending money on clothes... this is hardly a school-related expense. This is a mind-set expense. I don't know what type of girl spends money on clubs. Usually they're free for ladies, or $10 at most. Most people don't really frequent clubs after freshman year (except for Homecoming), house parties are never more than $3-5... and you can bargain. Spending money on food twice is assinine, you already pay board (food fees). The cafe does close at 7, but the PunchOut is open until 10 and you can take your food to go. So here's the math and I'll be generous: $11,500 for tuition $6000 for room.... tho obviously with some common sense it could be considerably cheaper $500 for transportation... I'll give you the $240 for the obsolete parking spot... then an additional $260 for random things because really, this is a personal expense, not a school expense $800 for fees $1000 for books... and this is being generous because really... who doesn't sell back at least some of their unimportant books when they're done. I understand keeping books for your major... but do you really need the Spanish 001 and Freshman Seminar books forever? $700 for personal expenses... and that's generous because Howard provides decent food accommodations, free movies and entertainment, you should already have fly clothes when you come to school and that's not a school expense really, only freshman go to clubs like that, McDonalds has a dollar menu, etc. And the grand total is... $20,500... which is closer to $82,000 for 4 years as opposed to $100,000. And this is assuming that homegirl never ever does well enough to get a Howard scholarship or outside scholarship... never sells her books back... never stops shopping retail during the school year...never lives off-campus, etc. Moving on...
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the.pretty.prodigy. from Imperial Beach, CA replied on 08-26-2005 07:25PM [Reply]
^^im a little thrown off by that link.... ...but with the $100,000 figure i was thinking about everything: tuition room and board, other food, personal stuff, books, plane tickets... all that jazz...i mean im applying for scholarships and stuff...but somebody has to pay all that money...who pays for it doesnt change the figure...
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