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PWI vs HBCU Posted on 04-12-2004

I have heard much debate about PWIs giving a better education than HBCUs. I am here to lay this thought to rest. Below are several reasons why HBCUs are the right choice for people of color. My mentor attended and graduated from Spelman College (class 0f 2003). However, while at Spelman, she attended several prestigious PWIs including GA Tech, Emory, Stanford, etc. for summer programs in Physics. When she first arrived, many people thought she would not be able to compete on their level because she was a black woman. However, at each program she finished above everyone else. This shows that HBCUs can stand against and PWI, its the person not the school. My mentor also told me of several friends that went to PWI that were being harassed on campus for their skin color. Once she told me about one of her black male friends who was walking from the library to his dorm on UGA or Emory's campus, and was stopped by the campus police who claimed that he was a trespasser. He showed them his ID,and the still did not believe him. He had to bring someone up to the security building to claim him. Can you say :x ? Furthermore, my friend's mother attended Harvard during undergrad. She explained that at these prestigious schools, professors seem to treat blacks differently, like they are unable to compete on the level of a Caucasian person. In addition, a couple of years ago, Emory produced a research claiming that people of color are unable to learn as fast and as much as Caucasian people because are brain sizes are smaller. However, the most apalling thing is that no person of color at the school contested this allegation . Who would want to endorse a school that tries to prove that you can't make it? I want to say that HBCUs get a rep for not truly preparing us for the world, but I bet every person on this site can name at least one person who has proven those odds wrong. HBCUs challenge people of color because they know that it will be twice as heard for us to compete, and they want us to go in to the world headstrong and ready for anything. So when someone tells you that a HBCU can't compete with a PWI, and they try to name all these famous people from PWIs, you come back and tell them what people of color are doing and that they came from a prestigious HBCU where perfection is demanded and perfection is produced, i.e ME!!!
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replied on 05-27-2004 11:04PM [Reply]
I believe the choice is yours....if u wanna (and can afford) to go to a HBCU-then do it! :lol: I support HBCU's because i do think they are good for our people--most of them anyway. As you all can see i didnt necessarly (sp) get the chance to attend the HBCU i wanted and still want to go to (Howard...uuu know...lol), but im also happy at the school i am at. I know alot of people perceive PWI's as this boring old college-with so many white people and organizations for only them.WRONG! Well at VCU its wrong-i was so shocked when i came there-because thats the image i had perceived it of. White people at my school are more of a minority. I was so motivated to see so many black people educating themselves. ANd even though a HBCU will more than likely give you that "home" feeling-its all up to you. If i could turn back the hands of time-i wouldnt change me going to VCU because it has been such an eye-opening and fun experience i dont think i would have received anywhere else. There are a lot of distractions at VCU also....that can be a bad thing sometimes..lol. Well there goes my two cents....holla 8)
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replied on 05-28-2004 05:50PM [Reply]
my mom was really concerned about me going to an HBCU mainly because i have been surrounded by white people my whole life. She thought i was going to have an extreme culture shock and just go crazy. I doubt that is going to happen because I am way more focused than she thinks. I finally talked her into the whole idea of letting me be around african-americans with the same mindset of me...EDUCATION!
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Mr.228 replied on 05-31-2004 11:34PM [Reply]
i am leaving an HBCU and going to a PWI 1. education shouldnt be "tailored" to a specific race 2. there is no HBCU in this world that has its financial ****together... and they all have trifling financial aid offices.. if i contact DUKE today about financial aid, i will get a response tomorrow. 3. lets be real...its sad to say...but a DUKE degree (in this white world) is more valued than a degree from lets say, Xavier or FAMU 4. the "black experience"..hmmm lets see.. fights at step shows, shootings at club.. yea ima miss those days...what i am sayin is that everything i did at an HBCU... i can also do at a PWI (chill on the yard wit black people, go to step shows, go to black parties, etc.)..white schools offer the same things as black schools do...they are greek orgs, and cultural clubs 5. dont get me wrong, i have plenty of respect for HBCUs, they are much more fun than PWI...but i guess its a matter of what u major in... it is known that HBCUs are better with the maths and sciences because the 2 are universal concepts... but in the englishes and liberal arts, they are not because they tend to lean more towards black culture (i.e. the african american literature classes, the AFAM history classes are good, but they are emphasized too heavily)...as an english major i need more..plus i can take AFAM at white schools too. 6. PS- u cant get minority scholarships at HBCUs lol 7. i am basing this on a lot of stuff... family members who have attend FAMU, CLARK, MOREHOUSE, AND VUU have had the same problems. 8. people forget that PWIs do have black faculty members and students.. some PWIs have more black people than black colleges do... so that whole thing about "wanting to be taught by black people" is absurd... there are black teachers at white schools believe it or not. 9. wit all this being said... anybody who goes to NCCU lemme know what it is like cuz ima prollly be chillin there erday i value my experiences at xavier, but i realized to get where i wanna go in life, i need to step outside my boundaries for a minute... but pleez beleeve my children will be attending HBCUs
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BisonMami replied on 06-01-2004 09:14PM [Reply]
I truly believe that it all depends on what an individual is searching for. I am coming from a class of students going to such an array of schools as Columbia, NYU, Williams, Dartmouth, Stanford, GA Tech, Emory, and the list goes on. In high school, my graduating class was very diverse and being in the IB program I was one of 8 black students (out of maybe 50-60). I'm not going to an HBCU cause I'm gonna get the better education, but the better overall experience. It's time for me to experience diversity with the African diaspora, as well as the racial/religious/ethnic diversity of high school. As was mentioned before, it's what the student makes of what opportunities he has. PWIs can be great places for any student, even a student of color, but the same can be said for an HBCU. It is simply wanting to better yourself. I have every intention of attending a PWI for graduate or medical school, but I want my undergrad experience to be memorable as well as educationally fulfilling.
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EkWoah replied on 06-02-2004 04:59AM [Reply]
Your undergraduate college means almost nothing. It is what you take from what is presented to you that makes up your experience. It's not what you learn in the classroom, but rather what you learn outside of the classroom. You can go to a high class university and take all the "easy" classes, does that mean you get the same experience as someone who took all the "hard" classes? College is what you take from it, life's little lessons are learned along the way. College is a place for you to grow as a person, and to interact with people who are going through the same things as you, there is so much information available that anybody can go to the library or get on the internet and become an expert at whatever they wish, they can learn much more than they would sitting in a class. I really think college is a place where you learn to stop regurgitating information and think for yourself. Enough with the cliches lol, you know what I'm getting at...
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mochabonnie replied on 06-18-2004 04:15AM [Reply]
For people who say it's time to stop separating...and who contend that black colleges were created at a time when blacks were separated from whites, and that blacks should get back into a 'real school' ...I see it the same way I would when comparing women's colleges and co-ed colleges. Women's colleges began opening at a time when women were prevented from going to college with men, because they were thought to have substandard learning curves -- the same predicament blacks were in. This lasted well into the 1950s. Over time, many schools went co-ed, but women still had women's colleges, and they still do. Much research is being done on how women achieve at women's colleges, and surveys show that women who attend women's colleges tend to do better in math, science in business fields; they are more likely to get a degree in majors that have higher average earnings; they are more satisfied with their college experiences, have higher self-esteem, and are more involved in philanthropic activities after college. Why? Well, because at women's colleges, the curriculum is specially attuned towards the needs of women. In the classroom, learning styles can be tailored to the needs of women; outside of the classroom, the women have greater models of leaders, because 90 percent of women's colleges have women presidents, and 55 percent of the faculty is made of women. Also, all the student leaders -- president of the SGA, presidents of all the clubs -- are women, and the counseling services are especially tailored towards women. It's the same thing with HBCUs. At an HBCU, the percentage of ethnic faculty and staff members is far greater than is usually found at a PWI. This way, the predominantly black student body can find leaders in their faculties, and also among their students, since all the clubs and stuff are going to be headed up by black people. Just because HBCUs were created at a time when prejudice was all around doesn't mean they are something that needs to be eradicated, just because prejudice and discrimination is suddenly 'over'. I also agree that it isn't necessarily all about the college that you went to but the opportunities and things you put yourself up for. Certainly, I'm going to an HBCU, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be sheltered from the real world. Spelman is a member of the ARCHE, which means I can take classes at Emory, UGA, Agnes Scott, and Georgia State. I can go visit my friends on ASC's campus, my friends on Emory's campus; I can use Emory and ASC's libraries and even take out books. And we all have access to the huge city of Atlanta and beyond. And Spelman has exchange agreements with many PWI, including Wellesley College. Just because I go to an HBCU doesn't mean I won't get the total world experience -- it all depends on what you decide to do.
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Spelmanlady08 replied on 06-18-2004 02:27PM [Reply]
I couldn't have said better myself sister. 8)
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Deuce_214 from Tallahassee, FL replied on 07-19-2004 03:29PM [Reply]

College is generally the time where a person gets there first taste of real world experiences without their parents. It all depends on the person and what they are looking to get from there college experiences. Personally I have nothing against PWIs or HBCUs. I chose an HBCU because a lot of my aunts and uncles are products of them. Among them are preachers, social activists, Execs in major phone companies, college professors among other things. However most of my cousins that have went to college went to PWIs except for 6. Out of the 7, 5 are in college (majoring in Engineering, Business, Architecture, and Criminal Justice), 1 works for MCI Worldcomm, and 1 worked for Target before he died. Out of my cousins that went to PWIs, we have a doctor, lawyer, etc. It all depends on the person. Whatever college suits them best, is the one they should be proud to be called an alumni PS As far as administration(financial aid, registrar, etx) goes, that happens at every school. The only difference is is that it happens more often and worse at PWIs and u don't hear about it but if it happens once or twice at an HBCU, then it is all over the news(there are exceptions, not many but some)
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replied on 07-21-2004 04:31PM [Reply]
durring my college search i visited lots of schools both black, white & mixed and HBCUs grabbed my attention and my heart. When you first walk on to the campuses there's a feeling of really being cared about and being at home. Other schools say they are ya home away from home, but HBCUs are juss like another extension of your family. When you meet with both students and staff you can also tell that they truly care about you as an individual and not juss to help out the success rate of their schools. In contrast, at the mixed and mostly white schools i felt like just another number. I was concidering the University of Missouri-Columbia and i went to a weekend for minority students. The staff that greeted us seemed more happy to see a large group of minority students than seeing the next generation of scholars. I didn't feel at home at all. That's why i'm at CAU holdin it down for that freshman class off 2008!!!!!!
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replied on 07-22-2004 03:21PM [Reply]
All i gotta say is HBCU's and PWI's aint for everybody. Each person is different-and for one a HBCU fits their needs and for another person a PWI fits their needs. Right now VCU fits my needs even though my original plan was to go to Howard. But i am happy with my choice and couldnt see myself at no other school right now. :wink:
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