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Dear Megan: You have HIV. Posted on 05-18-2005

Wow Im glad youre negative though
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IgnoranceIsBliss from Dallas, TX replied on 05-23-2005 12:35AM [Reply]

I wanted to post this again...
Now I know some of yall are wondering.."How the hell she test postive for one test and negative for another?" Well the American Red Cross (ARC) does three different HIV-related tests. Two of those being an antibody test and a nucleic acid test. I tested postive for the antibody test and negative for the nucleic acid test. Antibodies enables infections of any kind to be fought off. HIV tests look for the presence of HIV antibodies; they do not test for the virus itself. The nucleic acid test will tell you for sure that you have the disease, so if I had tested positive for that test I wouldn't have looked so good for me. So do you see how it's funny that I tested positive for the first test but then test negative for the test that will tell me for sure if have the disease? When they get any kind of positive results for any of their tests they do a Western Blot test. Now this test tells you absolutely, without a doubt that you have the disease. I tested "inconclusive" for this test. So this is why I really got a second test. My case was what they called "false positive". I tested positive for one of the tests even though I don't have any sign of the disease at all. I tested positive for the antibody because something was going on in body at the time that caused me to test postive. It could have been from medical injections I had in the past, sinus problems, etc. But whatever, by the grace of God, I am healthy. A lot of people don't hear this good news and hear that they actually have the disease and even ****. But now I can say that I know how it feels! Go get tested yall, you just never know!
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