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BURN Posted on 05-19-2005

BURN That time you lit my **** on fire And waited 'til the smoke cleared We both feared a happy life A happy wife I would've been If given the opprotunity To act as if in physical unity This community would have to accept our love But from up above the commands came And the plans changed The demands range in variety The eye of society is your sight If you wore my glasses you just might Be able to fight the blind Leave behind the thin line between love and hate Operate on my side of the universe So I can spit this verse across your lips Down your chest and into your heart Across your soul and into your happy trail That leads to your promise land My promised hand touches your d i c k And the look of surprise in your eyes is the s h i t Oh what wit I express with these words Written on my **** is the ultimate test Of your love for poetry, for love, for life But you simply refuse to win A happy wife I would've been... Contemplate the prize you could earn When you wife my **** on fire And let it burn NOW Y'ALL SHARE DAT...
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