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Determination Posted on 05-19-2005

Determination BY: Darnell Tingle It is not where the seed is planted that determines the outcome of its growth. It is the determination of the seed to grow! Some flowers grow only because they have the privilege of being planted in good soil, where they receive all that they need to survive. They are tended to with love and dedication by those who planted them. Some plants are over-cared for, they wither and die, because they received too much care! Some seeds are cast to the wind by their uncaring parent plants who never know where their seeds have found a home. Some seeds are stubborn and no matter how much care they receive they refuse to grow. It is not who planted, or how much care is received; it is the determination of the seed to survive against all odds that makes the difference. We are like the seeds. Some of us are planted in situations where life is easy and life is good. Others of us are planted into situations where we are smothered and cannot grow. Still some are scattered by the wind and survival is left to us. Some of us are stubborn and no matter how much care we receive, we refuse to grow. It takes a strong will to survive! It is our determination to grow and survive against all odds that makes us different from plants. We have a conscientiousness that makes us reason. Whatever the odds, whether we feel they are fair or not, it is our own determination to survive that creates our future. We can never become strong healthy human beings if we only dream of what we could have been if things had been different. We must choose to grow in spite of the things we wish had been different. We cannot grow by laying our lack of initiative on the failures of those who have planted us. We have to adopt the thought that when, "The growing gets tough, the tough get growing!" Unlike plants we have a choice. We can dream, and we can make those dreams come true, if we put our minds to it. So often in life other gardeners find us, and try to help us, by tending to those needs we have that have been neglected by those who planted us They cannot make us grow right, they can only offer us assistance, the determination must be up to us. Even though it would easier to give up, if we keep our dreams in mind and work toward the goal of achieving them--we can be like the flower seed that found itself beneath the road bed, and somehow struggled through the hard road bed to lift it's face to the sun. It was not easy, it was determination that brought the flower to live in the sunlight. We too can find a way to live our futures in the sunlight. No matter the obstacles, with determination-- WE CAN SURVIVE
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