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Spinoff: What do you sleep in? Posted on 05-29-2005
In Rod We Trust

What do you wear to bed? Whats do you usually wake up in?
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replied on 06-06-2005 05:53PM [Reply]
Boxer and a wife ****
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BOOKMAN replied on 06-06-2005 08:55PM [Reply]
The Kool Juice wrote:
Note: What I sleep in depends on if I'm sleeping with a girl or not. If I'm in the bed with a girl, I'm usually ****-****-nekkid. I can't sleep when I'm hot, and i can't be cuddled up in the bed with a girl with clothes on. Winter time: b-ball shorts and a cut off t-shirt, with the window cracked and the vent closed. I gotta be ice cold in the bed. Summertime: boxer drawz with the A/C on. No shirt. No ****. No b-ball shorts.
Co-Sign to THAT That is exactly how i am man
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