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"Where Do You See Yourself...." Posted on 06-03-2005

Ten years from now..( i'm mad bored right now) Anyway Let's see... in 2015 I'll be 30 going on 31(Goodness). If I decide to attend grad school after college, I would just be finishing up med-school, and begining my pediatric internship/ residency. However if not, I will be finishing up my residency and on my way towards making even more good $$, which most likely will be going towards paying off loans, loans, and more loans. And hopefully, I will have found that special someone by then, and have a family of my own.
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~ADANNA~ replied on 06-05-2005 12:05AM [Reply]
Perseverance wrote:
If it's in God's will, I'll be 33 years old. Hopefully, I will raise a loving family and do something more productive with my degrees than just sitting in the office. I plan to have obtained my Master of Science and an MBA, and I plan to have traveled around the world to wherever I desire to visit. With the experience and the knowledge that I've obtained throughout the years, I will open a small business that focuses on my Calligraphy writing, and I will still participate as a musician for several functions. Of course, I will continue to actively volunteer in community service projects that will benefit the Black community, especially the younger generations. Hopefully, I will have implemented reasonable ideas to bring in more jobs (especially in my field of study) to the city I live in now. I have so much more that I want to do, but I'll just stop here.
~ADANNA~ wrote:
~ADANNA~ wrote:
ten years from today, in Gods grace, i'll be celebrating my 27th birthday...
yeah dat wat im gonna do ten years from now...*coughs*its my birthday today....yup, ten years from today...
Happy Birthday, ~ADANNA~!
thank u :grin: ...
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ThatClassyGirl216 replied on 06-05-2005 12:56AM [Reply]
^^^Happy birthday girl! hmmm it's hard to predict where I'll be in 10 years, being that I haven't even chosen a major yet, but I hope to have a bachelors degree in something that I can apply to the sports business and get a masters in Urban Studies. I hope to be happily married to a wonderful, intelligent, God Fearing, romantic man, with maybe a kid or two (hopefully boys, I don't want no daughters!) and living somewhere down south. Whatever is in God's will for me, that is where I'll be in 10 years. Tha plan is to be employed by the NFL in some capacity and be making a nice comfortable salary, but only if it's God's will, ya know? Whatever He has in store for me, I know I will be giving back to the community no matter what!
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Blutifully Human from Washington, DC replied on 06-05-2005 05:52AM [Reply]

Where do i wanna be 10 years from now? ...alive & happy but hey..even that's up in the air :???: oh, and HAPPY BELATED BDAY ADANNA! :grin:
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~ADANNA~ replied on 06-05-2005 06:58PM [Reply]
:grin: thank u Kenya and Flyyest_216....
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replied on 06-06-2005 01:05PM [Reply]
rich, happy, and living on my own private island. oprah will be cutting my grass, donald trump will be delivering my mail, and bill gates will be serving cupcakes to my 4 children. how r THOSE aspirations for ya lol
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replied on 06-06-2005 01:20PM [Reply]
In 2005, I will be 30 years old with a BA in Public Relations & Marketing and a Masters in Communications. I see myself at least married and working for a PR department for a NBA team or a record lable....1
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BrownSugar from Columbus, OH replied on 06-06-2005 03:02PM [Reply]

I'll be 31, married (hopefully) with my first child on the way. I will have gotten a masters in clinical psych and a masters in public health(specializing in global health). I don't know where on this earth I will be living
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replied on 06-06-2005 04:09PM [Reply]
June 2015... Long having finished paying for our son's undergraduate and graduate education, expenses, fees and the like, my husband and I will: * Celebrate nearly 35 years of being together... * I will have social security on speed dial (where my money at?) * Applaud our 29 year old son for solidly "making-it"... * Ride our Harley's into the sunset or at least to Black Bike Week in Florida like our "older" uncles and aunts do now... * I will still do lots of volunteer and college work with teens/youths... * We hope to make even more substantial donations to our son's HBCU and to our various other organizations that we currently make donations to... * I hope to have continued great health, God's blessings, peace and wealth so that we can continue to help others as well as take care of ourselves...
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Lady Invictus replied on 06-06-2005 11:30PM [Reply]
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saxxxmepoetically from akron, OH replied on 06-07-2005 01:57AM [Reply]

in 10 years i will be goin on 32 hopefully i will be happy, healthy, married, with kids, and finacially stable
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