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Life has a pivot, or two Posted on 06-07-2005

Wait, Do you mean to tell me that it's my fault when youre yelling- the way anger gets caught in your eyes swelling, repelling my words just as fast as they're propelling. This makes me sick to the pit of my belly, And I dont know about you, but I'm ready. You're telling me, "Your mistakes will haunt you God turns his back on people like you; none will want you." One will, I'm counting to three, you better leave on two. My own ability to forgive went past me and beyond you. Is this a new low we're on to? Im beyond through. "Give it a minute?" No. "We have to give it Time to think it..." No, I think life has a pivot Where you either die or live it If it's meant to be We'll be back Eventually.
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Princess LaRonda replied on 06-07-2005 07:05PM [Reply]
Really feeling this...and oh yeah I've been down that road before heartfelt....alot of emotions in this.....short but to the main point.... As you know this kinda ish happens a lot....... great scribe
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Miss. Soulful replied on 06-09-2005 09:15PM [Reply]
"Wisdom_Tree" If it's meant to be We'll be back Eventually.[/quote wrote:
This part hit me right were i needed it, alot of times one worry about what could have been or should have been, but its written very well, i love it :wink:
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